As the protest against Jewlicious allowing Norman Finkelstein to advertise on our site (a decision taken independently of anybody here save for one person) continues, I thought it would be nice to see Norman predict the demise of American Zionism. He is thrilled to announce that on campuses everywhere, the only remaining supporters of Israel are the one third of Jews on campus who actually care about Israel. Everybody else is now in the other corner, according to Norman.

Well, if he’s right, we should let him advertise on our site.

If he’s wrong, we should send some business his way and let him advertise on our site. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the free publicity this post is giving him.

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  • As a freelance writer now working for, I used to have some kind of email correspondence with this guy. He’s quite a character, to say the least. Although every now and again he may make a valid point, i.e. that it is wrong to exploit the memory of the Shoah to justify the policies of the government of Israel, a point already made by the likes of far more esteemed Jewish luminaries like Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Nahum Goldmann. But his vicious tone just alienates people. Here’s one example: after telling him of my plans to work in Israel, he actually replied, “Trying hawking body parts of dead Arabs. Should be a big hit in that God-forsaken hell.” Wow.

  • Thanks for sharing Alex, and for confirming what a total douchebag Finkelstein is.