Why make him pay?

Let’s just give it away for free!

This is a special one because he tells us that the “Jewish Lobby” and the US government are “so intertwined” that you can’t tell where one ends and one begins. He’s saying this to a university audience, of course.

Watch to the end!

In case you don’t understand this post, it exists because I strongly disagree that a blog for which I write should advance this person’s career or reputation in any way.

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  • I just saw your speech on AL Jasira and your comments on Israeli attack on Gaza, which I think , was too late in response to 7 years of bombardment od Sderot and other Israeli kibbuts. Do not feel so much sympathy to Gaza citizens. After 09/11 attacks they were full of joy. The same thing happened in Spain, London, Moscow subway.
    When they are killing themselves, nobody pay attention to than.
    You can compare ” disproportionate” Israeli response with the disproprtionate response of the Russian army on Berlin in 1945. One cannot destroy Hamastan and its aggressive leaders in white gloves.
    What mostly impressed me, “professor” , that your grandmother and grandfarther shoulb be ashame of you/
    I feel something insane in what you say and it really make me sick.
    You can only be admired by the enemies of the civil world.


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