Oy va viral video voy…

God as a character from Monty Python? Moses as a California surfer dude? Goliath as Apu on the Simpsons? Judeans with cowboy accents? Israeli viral content agency KetaKeta presents a pilot video that outlines 4000 years of Jewish history in 4 minutes. It’s a little bit g-dcast and a little bit Tribe – The Film, heck, it’s only 4 minutes – watch it!

See? Israelis can be funny!

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  • Nice! Okay, so the last 2000 years is told in about 30 seconds, and in broad strokes, but it makes the point! 🙂

  • it would be wonderful to have this same format that would go into the details of the Arab Muslim desire to purge the land.

  • I noticed that this includes the creation myth, and that there is a mammoth tricking us all into believing in an old earth. Do all Jews reject the scientific consensus on evolution, or the history of the universe? That’s really depressing, as most denial of evidence is. I’m certain that there must be many Jewish people who accept the scientific consensus. Am I mistaken?

  • A guy who studies things,

    That tooth was placed there by Hashem to test our faith in the Gedoylim.