Goodbye Finkelstein ad. Let’s hope Jewlicious refrains from publishing ads of this sort again.

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  • Let’s hope Finkelstein chooses a new career, perhaps as a trash collector or a mini golf pro at retirement village. However, as long as his people want to give us money despite the fact that we excoriate their client at every opportunity, then so be it. Finkelstein’s cash directly purchased and inspired the purchase of 3 cases of BDS wine helping make the Seder celebrations of 6 families that much more joyous. His ad spurred great awareness of what a douche he is and caused untold joy for many. I’m not going to keep people from his work. If I can read his stupid books and listen to his smug shit head lectures then so can anyone. I urge you all to gain intimate knowledge of this rascal who is the darling of and at the forefront of anti-Israel activity on campuses across the US. Knowledge is power.

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