Okay, the first one is weird because it’s Plastelina remixing Arik Lavi’s classic version of Shmulik Kraus’s Zeh Koreh (It Happens).

The second one is Shmulik Kraus’s classic with Ilan Virtzberg who thinks he can sing the same high notes as Josie Katz: Ro’im Ra’hok Ro’im Shakuf (We See Far We See Clearly)

I dedicate these to ck who loves this kind of music about as much as he loves Richard Silverstein.

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  • And they say Mizrachi music is sappy and maudlin? Jeez! Hey TM – instead of annoying me, why not surprise me with some Israeli music that is actually good! I promise you it exists… Virtzberg at least is rockin an awesome Jewfro that perfectly frames his very shtetl fabulous face…