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  • This is my favorite clip of theirs because it is So spot on – Jerusalem of Gold, Hell Aviv style:

  • Oh my god, that was hilarious!

    And a little sad because, well, because there’s truth to all of this…

    You should post that on Magnes Zionist’s site. Make him happy.

  • taking a crack at the beduin too, yes beduin people live in unrecognized villages, so tell me what should they do, should they apply for permits to own land, which will be denied outright, even if they have some rabbis and israelis on their side

    you israelis are only good at cheap shots

    god i wonder how palestinians deal with you jerks, you peole are horribly offensive, liberal humanitarians my ass

  • The show is a joke stupid. But at least your points are almost germane for a change. Rima Fakih is not affiliated with Hezballah, she’s awesome, and anyone who claims she is affiliated with Hezballah is an idiot. The crack on the Bedouins was unduly harsh and insensitive. Very weak.

    But you’re still an idiot.

  • You might be right-wing loons, but that video made me chuckle :^)