We’ve all seen the video of the Muslim Student Association student at UC San Diego, who, during their anti-Israel week’s events attended a David Horowitz lecture and said she was “for” Nasrallah’s statement that all the Jews should gather in Israel so as to make their extermination a simpler task.

The problem, unfortunately, is not only what this woman, an officer of the MSA, believes, it is that many universities across North America have permitted her and her colleagues to run week-long propaganda-fests using names like “Israel Apartheid Week” on their campuses. These highly charged events have actually created a class of victim on these campuses. These are Jewish students in general, and in particular the majority who do not align themselves with the MSA, MSU or any of the anti-Israel groups.

I’ve just come across this letter written by a UC San Diego Jewish student following their campus’s anti-Israel week. It describes how the university alertly responded when it was felt that anti-black racism was rearing its ugly head, but has done nothing in response to the marginalization of Jewish students resulting in a nod of the head from an MSA member regarding extermination of Jews.

Nobody should pretend to be surprised. What is happening across North American campuses is happening with the consent and even collusion of university administrators.

UCSD Jewish Student: “Why are we suffering in this pain alone?”

Posted on May 17, 2010 by TDB
UCSD Hasn’t Learned From ‘Compton Cookout’

UCSD Daily Guardian

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my disappointment in the university’s leadership for its failure to respond to a recent act of hatred on this campus.

Last Monday night, a UCSD student who identified herself as a member of the Muslim Student Association stood up in a public forum and announced her support for Hamas and Hezbollah, two terrorist organizations whose genocidal charters state their goals to destroy the State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole.

Indeed, it was brought to this student’s attention at the time that the head of Hezbollah has repeatedly said he hopes the Jews will gather in Israel so that he doesn’t have to hunt them down globally. Still, she didn’t hesitate to show her support.

To put this in perspective in light of recent campus events, it would be the equivalent of a student standing up in support of the KKK and hoping that all blacks would gather in Alabama so they could all be lynched at once.

I am not asking that the university limit her First Amendment rights; I am only asking that it be recognized that actions promoting hate have no place in our campus environment.

La Jolla has a history of anti-Semitism, where — prior to the establishment of this university — Jews were not allowed to buy homes or establish businesses here. It was upon the insistence of Roger Revelle — who said that a leading university had to include Jews — that Jews were finally allowed into La Jolla.

As a Jewish student, I am deeply hurt and saddened by recent campus events, and I am questioning whether or not I belong to this community anymore. I am calling upon the university to recall the legacy of Revelle, and to recognize that a serious academic institution can neither be a platform for anti-Semitism nor for racism to flow freely. In the past few months, this university has experienced multiple instances of hatred and racism, yet it seems that we have learned nothing.

When the Black Student Union cried out in pain, our campus community came together — not to discuss the legitimacy of their feelings, but to ask what we could do to help. Why are my cries and the cries of my community going unanswered? Why are we suffering in this pain alone? And, more importantly, why is the rest of this campus standing idly by?

—Myra Meskin

We should all be sad and deeply concerned.

Hat tip to Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

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  • God bless Miss Meskin for speaking up! Chuck DeVore has called for the MSU, & their genocidal mission, to be banned on campuses, & I believe it is time to start petitioning all schools to do so nationwide. If we don’t start now, we shall soon be facing another Shoah. It is pitiful how little educators have learned from the bitter lessons of the 20th century.

  • What a wonderfully written letter to UCSD. I hope this anti-semetic conduct will be gone by then. Sadly, the facts about Israel have become so distorted and the Universities are allowing a racial tirade to continue in front of their faces. How dare $40,000 come from fees we are paying the public schools to fund the MSA hate group that posts anti-apartheid posters on campus. Freedom of speech is one thing, but should someone put up a “Muslims Stink” poster, just imagine the havoc that would stir. No, my friend, this is a one-way street. So much for everything America stands for.