Lest we think that all Israelis are wonderful, along come videos such as this to inform us that there are idiots and haters among them as well. They deserve no support for their stupidity or for their actions. They should also learn to keep their hands to themselves, especially when they see somebody whose views don’t coincide with theirs.

It is a tragedy that this conflict is so divisive that we see demonstrations such as this. I would contrast this video with the video of Daniel Pereg, who just a few days ago stood alone against a large, angry mob of pro-Palestinians in Los Angeles with the police providing him with protection. In this case there’s no police and the small group of idiots works itself into a frenzy while a smaller group of physically smaller activists who appear to have opposed the attack on the flotilla is essentially shut up, shoved and not permitted to move away. It’s shameful.

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  • There is only a tiny, tiny minority of young Israelis who think like this.


    Only 21% think that “Death to Arabs” is a legitimate expression. A mere 45% of religious students think it is a legitimate expression.
    Only half think that Arabs should not have voting rights.
    A tiny 82% of religious students believe that Arabs should not be allowed to vote.
    And a minuscule 46% of students believe there should not be legal equality between Arabs and Jews.

    We must fight against this perception that Israel is racist. It is a matter of perception, and I think some good PR will solve the problem.

  • Yes, it is simply a problem of PR and youthful exuberance.

    For instance, with adults, the picture is completely different:


    A microscopic 75% of Israeli Jews did not approve of apartment buildings being shared between Arabs and Jews.
    A miniature 40% agreed that “Arabs should have their right to vote for Knesset revoked”.

    These figures are so small that they are probably not worth discussing, but I do feel that with the right PR approach we can overcome the gnawing feeling that Israel is a racist society. It’s all about the right marketing.

    • “In addition, the poll addresses the Jewish reaction to hearing the Arabic language spoken on the streets of Israel. According to the data, some 50 percent of the participants said they become fearful when they hear the Arabic language spoken around them. 43 percent said they feel uncomfortable, and 30 percent feel hatred. In contrast, last year only 17.5 percent said they feel hatred when faced with spoken Arabic.

      Why would that be, Cabel?

  • Because they are terrorist subhumans, themiddle. They probably are plotting in their basements how to get terrorist goods into Gaza with the next fauxtilla. If only we could get this across with the right marketing and PR.
    It’s true that in other countries having 75% of people believe that they should not share apartment buildings with people of a different race or religion would be considered bigotry, but I don’t think that these kind of people realise the uniqueness and tolerance of Israel.

    • Cabel, is that why? Because the Arabs are plotting in their basements? Are you sure? Might there be another reason? Go ahead and read that article again. After all, you provided the link.

  • Why bother bring this up? I know many people who pick their nose and don’t use a sanitizer afterwards.
    It’s like the people who keep beinging Neturei Karta back into the limelight. Just let it go and don’t publicize.

  • there are extremist in every country. where are the police to protect these protestors?

  • The Arabs should be deported from Israel. Arabs and leftists- stay out of Israel, you dont belong in Israel. Jews belong in Israel and NOT Arabs.

  • http://prophetofdoom.net/Islamic_Quotes_Jews.Islam

    A Jew who does not wish to share space with Muslims is only using common sense instead of sticking their head in the sand and pretending all people, or all religions, are “pretty much the same”. Have a look at the above link at all of the calls for Jewish murder and hatred [these quotes are easy to confirm at a local library].

    Read the Koran, Hadith, and Sira. Islam is more anti-Semitic than Nazism [only less successful].

    Instead of believing the lies about “The Golden Age of Spain” where Maimonides was “allowed” to be a court physician, take a look at what Maimonides actually had to say about the times he and other Jews lived in. — Are we really going to ignore the countless generations of our people who has suffered under Islam?

    I myself do not chant “Death to the Arabs”, but I understand the thought. I would suggest “Death to to Islam”

    I do not lump all Muslims in with Islam, many of these poor people just happened to be born a Muslim and thats no crime. When one acts in the way of Mohamed it is a crime. Listen to smart Arabs like Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan, and Ibn Warraq, or even Mosab Hassan Yousef.

    Take a read on what Bat Ye’or has to say about our ancestors.

  • Liberalism is truly a mental illness. One can rationalize the concept of being able to enjoy freedom, peace, and equal rights and while that sounds all fine and dandy on paper, the liberals use that as their shield to promote a self destructive mentality upon the rest of Israel. It’s like a alcoholic, we all enjoy a beer once in a while but it gets to the point where if we can’t stop, we become alcoholics and become destructive. The liberal mentality is pretty much the same and they fail to understand this concept because they are sick. I recommend treatment for the liberals and leftists and a high dose of prozac, it may actually cure their impure thoughts of destruction and suicide.