For a few days there, I was concerned for Shlomo Sand. The new study about Jewish genetic links refutes – as have previous studies which Sand ignored or dismissed – a key thesis in his book “Invention of the Jewish People” (the abstract and study can be found here). My concern was that Sand might have to provide refunds to his book’s buyers, not to mention return that great prize the primary society for French journalists gave him for best history or non-fiction book of the year.

It got really bad when I saw that even the NY Times understood that this study effectively demonstrates that Sand is wrong.

But I know what Sand can do to avoid ruin and I offer this lifeline to him because I am a nice person and believe that even though his book served many enemies of Israel, and more hideously served haters of the Jewish people, underneath it all he’s a nice guy. He’s trying to help us all come to peace. So what if he helps the enemy and if I have to read every second day that I’m actually some non-Jew masquerading as a Jew so I can steal Palestinian land because Shlomo Sand showed this in his book. Surely, this is not what Sand had in mind when he wrote it. He just wanted the world to be like a Coke commercial where everybody holds hands and smiles.

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He can change its category from History to Fiction.

Then he no longer has to provide refunds. Easy as pie and he gets to retire in style!

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