From Ha’aretz:

The MV Rachel Corrie will return to Ireland in the coming days due to Israeli “sabotage” of the two vessels meant to accompany the ship en route to the Gaza Strip, an organizer of the humanitarian aid convoy told Army Radio on Friday.

Audrey Bomse, legal adviser to the Free Gaza Movement, said that the two passenger boats meant to carry journalists sustained such serious technical damage while docked in Greece last weekend that they would not be able to sail for weeks. Free Gaza was quoted by various media sources as blaming the damage on Israeli “sabotage.”

See? A few leftists and Islamists will blog about this and nothing else will happen as a result. No surprise attacks from “activists,” no paintball guns, no cancellations of important meetings with US presidents, no sanctions and calls for independent investigations. Nope, just a couple of hobbled ships unable to proceed with their mission to embarrass Israel.

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  • shoot, no pancakes? but why do they need the passenger vessels if this is a humanitarian emergency

    oh, and more about the fubar

    yes, it was an eff up of epic proportions…they played right into the terrorist’s hands

    doesnt matter…these ships were about breaking the blockade…by rights, they couldve been blown right out of the water

  • …As if this decision to turn tail wasn’t taken in response to Israeli fortitude.

    Here’s how it works:

    – First wave of boats generates awful publicity.

    – @$$hole worryworts like Muddle cause Israel to cave.

    – Second wave of boats sails through (carry God knows what) and claims victory.

    … except that things didn’t work out according to plan.

    Israel didn’t cave.

    And THAT’s why the S.S. Pancake is scrapping its trip.

    Israel did exactly what it should have. Even the embarrassment of bringing paintballs to a gunfight had the healthy effect of undercutting the anticipated claims of brutality, and jarring the “laptop generals” left over from Oslo in the IDF into understanding the new reality.

  • SS Pancake. cute.
    Can anyone think of a cute nickname for the American citizen Furkan Dogan? Shot four times in the head.

    “Israel apologises for the death of a US citizen aboard the flotilla, however we must state that the individual was not white”