Despite recent current events, Iran – still – is probably the single most dangerous ideological threat to the world today. Let’s not lose sight of bigger problems facing not only Jews, but the world at large.


In the video you are about to view are some of the statements that were made by official country representatives commending the Iranian regime for their “respect” for human rights…tomorrow, June 10th, the UN Human Rights Council will reconvene and Iran’s human rights review will conclude.

“Iran 2010: All Rights Reserved?” Coalition


Live Webcast – “Rethink: Iran”

Also tomorrow, June 10th at 12:00 Israel Time, Leadel.NET and partners (Jewlicious included) bring together three of the top Middle East experts on the Iranian issue to “re-evaluate” and “rethink Iran.” Once achieving the construction of a nuclear device of mass destruction, one cannot imagine the direct and indirect affects it will cause. For more information go [here]. To share and invite people to this facebook event in order to educate and SPEAK OUT regarding IRAN go [here].

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  • Unfortunately, I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t join. But: good on you. Someone has to stop Iran:

    “Today Israel, tomorrow the world”