I have no idea who Zvi Hauser is, but according to Ha’aretz’s coverage of the decision-making process that took place regarding how the flotilla should be handled, he was the only person perspicacious enough to figure out what was going on and how it should be handled.

According to senior officials who attended the session, a few ministers expressed differing views but in the end a consensus was reached and there was not even a vote. One of the most vocal participants in Wednesday’s session was Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser. He was against the raid and said the ships should be allowed to dock in Gaza in order to avoid a diplomatic and public relations crisis as well as the embarrassment to Israel that a violent confrontation with demonstrators on the ships could cause. After senior defense officials expressed their opposition to Hauser’s views, his position was rejected.

Smart guy surrounded by a room full of idiots. He should be prime minister.

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  • I think you’re being a little harsh. Remember that there was only shooting on one boat and the Commandos simply did not anticipate armed resistance. That having been said, they should have been more cautious and probably the deaths could have been avoided had they simply cleared the deck with smoke bombs or tear gas prior to the embarkation. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  • No,I’m being extremely fair. They’re idiots and they should not be running the country of Israel.

    My next post will enlighten you as to why.

  • no vote was taken? seriously? none?

    i still disagree that allowing the ships to go to gaza would have avoided a diplomatic crisis…hamas would have hailed it as a victory and called israel weak and a paper tiger. subsequently, they wouldve been emboldened to bring it ships laden with arms…knowing full well that israel woould not stop them.

    i agree with ck…they should have used smoke bombs and sound grenades to clear the decks. doesnt mean it would have ended all violence, but it wouldve helped. it was a poorly planned mission, and it does not bode well for israel’s readiness.

  • Given the results on the other ships, their assumptions were not off-base. But their Plan B sucked. I agree with Uncle that allowing them to dock in Gaza would send the wrong message.

    This is the usual Kabuki. It is designed to be lose-lose for Israel. There are literally NO good moves for Israel. That being the case, Israel xhould choose the “go ahead, make my day ” option.

  • After reading your article Middle, I couldn’t tell if you were talking about Zvi or yourself when you said, “Smart guy surrounded by a room full of idiots.” My guess is that you probably both think so. I do remember your support of Obama and how good he’d be for the Jews. Apparently, that makes 3 of you guys who think so.

    • Uh, I never thought Obama would be good for the Jews. I thought no Republican deserved to sit in the White House after 8 years of Bush. Nice of you to notice the difference.

  • So you supported him by default. Huge difference. All I’m saying is that your judgment is questionable, so just because you are irate over this incident doesn’t mean you nor Zvi could have handled it any better. But at a time when Israel needs support, especially from American Jews (who are busy creating organizations like J Street to feel better about growing up as JAPS), it gets more of this. Sure Israel can be criticized, but dirty laundry doesn’t need to be aired to the whole world. With friends like you…

  • Dude, I don’t need to air “dirty laundry.” The Israeli government is garnering all the free publicity it can muster. And all of it is lousy.

    And you know, criticizing my friendship with Israel won’t get you very far. The friendship and support are there, but they’re not blind.