Lost: Glock .40

It was bad enough that CNN’s suspender wearing Larry King asked PM Netanyahu if he knew anything about or could comment on the dancing Israeli soldiers video on YouTube.com. (The Prime Minister said he was not aware of it, but could get back to Larry. He also invited the retiring celebrity interviewer to visit Israel)

But what was worse is that some of the Prime Minister’s security entourage reportedly lost their guns and weapons due to misrouted luggage. The EL AL flight was fine, but the American Airlines flight from JFK to Washington DC is where the seven .40-caliber Glock handguns were lost. Didn’t Pharoah once have a dream about seven Glocks?

When you put down your gun, you could end up misplacing or losing them, like this security entourage did. The best shoulder holsters are a great solution to keep them close to your body when you’re out and about for quick access.

My sources tell me that the guns ended up with some returning BirthRight participants in Los Angeles. But I could not confirm that. I called the embassy to see if the Israeli government found the bags yet, but they were busy calling American Airlines to get their baggage checking fees returned on the two suitcases. (Actually, the bags were found in LA, sent to Chicago and then back to DC, but the guns were missing from one of the cases)

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  • Actually, the picture shows a Glock 17, which is a 9mm handgun. It is, however, very similar to the Glock 22, which is a .40 caliber. However, I am guessing the lost guns were Glock 23s or 27s, just because I imagine those guys carry something a little more compact.

    • There’s hardly any difference between the Glock chambered for 9mm ammo and the Glock chambered for .40-caliber ammo save a slightly wider barrel (slide and frame are slightly different too). The muzzle diameter of a .40-caliber slug is about four-hundredths of an inch bigger than a 9mm slug which gives it a bit more stopping power and is safer for innocent civilians because it is less likely to through walls and such. These guys don’t need subcompacts. They’re not trying to hide their pistols.

    • I really like my IMI Jericho 9mm. I know everyone’s all about Glocks but the combination of it being made in Israel and how absolutely gorgeous it feels in my hand? Hard to resist. And it seems after shooting them both, the ladies prefer the Jericho too. Go figure. Not that the Glock 34 isn’t aa lovely and well balanced pistol…

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