This is the BBC film about the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla which has garnered severe reprobation from supporters of the Palestinians, including accusations of racism against the BBC.

Wondering who could possibly find “racism” in this film, I looked up the person to whom this accusation was specifically attributed in the Jerusalem Post. Her name is Ewa Jasiewicz.

Who is she? A Journalist, a coordinator of the Free Gaza movement and a former ISM activist. Jasiewicz has been quoted in the past (by the BBC, no less) saying,

“I have been a journalist for five years and no one will manipulate me into any sort of agenda or violence.”

So then, one has to believe that when Jasiewicz sees this BBC film about the flotilla her group organized, a film which has not any form of racism in it or in its broadcast, and states,

the whole tone and framing of the program was “utterly Islamophobic and racist and demonizing of Muslim activists.

That she is either a poor reporter, a liar or has lost all sense of proportion when it comes to understanding racism.

Hmmmm, which could it be?

To help us learn, here is a video of Ewa introducing a pro-Palestinian movie to a group of activists and among other whoppers, such as calling Gaza a “ghetto,” there is a priceless moment where this woman, a leader of the Free Gaza movement, a journalist who calls this BBC film “racist,” (at minute 6:00 of the video) tries to prepare the listeners for the obviously derogatory use of the term “al Yahud” (the Jew) by Palestinians in the film. She says that “of course” they only mean Israelis and Zionists, not all Jews.

Of course. This from a woman who uses “ghetto” as part of her rhetoric.

In minute 8:00, she takes great pride in supporting the Palestinian “resistance” and she clarifies that she means both Palestinians “staying alive” and their “armed resistance.” In other words, she is supportive of the rockets launched by Gazan Palestinians at civilians in the Western Negev, Ashkelon, Be’ersheva, Sderot and so on. She is happy she and other activists were “able to help everybody.” This, of course, raises the question of whether she also supports the violence planned and executed by members of the Free Gaza flotilla against Israeli troops.

As a clue as to where she stands on this issue, in the second part of this video, towards the very end, she will claim that all of Israel’s actions are illegal and all of Hamas’s actions are legal in this conflict.

Conclusion? If you watch her lips move and the subject is Israel and the Palestinians, you can assume that what she says is going to be biased and part of an agenda. and very possibly an outright falsehood or even an intentional lie. You can also assume that the people, like her, who organized the flotilla, have little to contribute in the way of an honest discussion about what happened. If you watch the ending of the BBC film, you will see the key Free Gaza organizer of the flotilla admit that the loss of lives is simply part of the struggle on behalf of the Palestinians…

By the way, you can thank me later. I could have picked videos with Ewa’s previous haircut. She looks much better now. I guess Free Gaza activists care more about fashion than ISM activists, or at least they let their bangs grow out.

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  • Israel is blockading Gaza, not the other way around. Thus while certainly Hamas bears some responsibility for this painful situation, ISRAEL BEARS MORE. Instead of nitpicking like you do, above, why don’t you work towards peace? (this would of course mean talking to Hamas – as Rabin said, peace is made with our enemies not our friends). I’m a jewlicious Jew too, but I’m trying to be a rodef shalom, not take refuge in BlameAssign and VictimSpeak.

    • Harvey, stop killing the chance for peace. In case you missed it, in my “nitpicking” I quote and point to the part of the tape with this woman admitting her actual (not figurative, but literal) support of Palestinian “armed resistance.” Instead of ignoring this admission, as well as her glossing over of the antisemitism which is deeply ingrained in Palestinian society – yes, from long before 1967 or even 1948 – you should be chastising her. She’s not working toward peace, she’s supporting war and bigotry.

      Maybe you can find some sort of magical peace resulting from Hamas terrorism such as bombing civilian Israeli communities on purpose, but I’m of the mind that the purpose of those rockets is to torpedo any chance for peace or compromise with Israel. If you support them, you support violence, not peace. Last time Hamas had a cease fire, for a mere six months, they used the time to improve from rockets that can reach Sderot to rockets that can reach Ashkelon and even Beersheba. What do they “offer” now? They are willing to open negotiations with Israel about a multi-year cease fire if Israel agrees to move back to 1949 lines (conveniently called 1967 lines). They are not talking peace, but a cease fire, and they’re not willing to even begin talks with Israel of today, but with 1949 Israel. They know it’s a ridiculous position, which is exactly their point.

      You support that? You want an Israeli leader to open the door to what Oslo has wrought, only now with Hamas? Why? What do they need? All the Jews are out of Gaza. The IDF is out of Gaza. Israel continues to supply electricity, water and many other Palestinian needs in Gaza. Peace is there for the taking. If they hadn’t bombed the Western Negev for years, there would also be open borders with Israel, trade and work for the many unemployed Gazans. If there is no peace, it is by the choice of Gazan Palestinians and their leadership.

      You want Israel to give these antisemitic warmongers ten or twenty uninterrupted years with their supposed “hudna?” They will use that time to build their army, their weapons and their capabilities of war. Also, they will consolidate their undemocratic hold over Gaza and this will free resources to strengthen their attempts to take over the PA in the West Bank. It’s not enough that they destroy internet cafes and continue to force Gazans to live extreme versions of Islam, you want this to happen in Judea and Samaria as well?

      Now, maybe you know something I don’t. So by all means, bring it on. Let me know how Israel can talk to Hamas so it can make peace with this enemy. I’m listening.

  • Approbation means approval, not disapproval. Did you mean that the Palestinians are severely approving this video?

    • No Jeff, I meant reprobation. As in, they severely disapprove. But thanks for the proofreading. You are welcome to check my posts any time.

      Anything of substance to add?

  • Yes it’s Israel’s fault. It’s their fault for not exterminating every single one of those cockroaches, and making concessions to them. I apologize for ever having supported the Palestinians and promise to never be blinded by ignorant compassion again.

    • Dave, this is Jewlicious. You were apparently looking for Stormfront. Feel free to go there where you’ll find a receptive audience, you’re not wanted here.