“…the Holocaust was a sheer lie”

Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency recently announced the creation of Holocartoons.com, a site dedicated to the Holocaust denial cartoons of Iranian cartoonist, Maziar Bijani. Yad Vashem released the following statement:

The vulgar and cynical approach of the website, a combination of Holocaust denial and distortion, illustrated with antisemitic caricatures, further illustrates Iran’s disregard for reality and truth vis-à-vis the Holocaust, Jews and Israel.

Now I don’t really mind vulgar and cynical cartoons, in fact, some of my fave cartoons and cartoonists are vulgar and cynical! And it’s nice to know that free speech in Iran exists, if only in the realm of open discussion regarding the historicity of the Holocaust. What’s most interesting about this whole thing though, is that the site itself is getting so much traffic that the flash intro seems to be stuck at 18%.

Come on dudes! How you gonna wipe Israel off the face of the earth if you can’t even figure out load balancing for your servers? And a flash intro? Really? Even the n00biest Web designer knows that flash intros are stupid. Everyone skips past them. I mean what’s next? A picture of Ahmadinejad’s puppy greeting visitors? Lens flare Photoshop effects on the logo? Apparently, those who have seen the site report that Henry Mancini’s Pink Panther theme song plays in the background.

Good grief. Y’all are the dumbest evil henchmen ever. Iran should stick to what it knows best – shooting unarmed civilians, hanging homosexuals, harassing women, Bahais and Zoroastrians and fucking Lebanon up.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • All motherfucker propaganda makers

    This website is great
    It helps to let fucking shit eater
    Piss drinkers jewz and Americans know about their past an also killing humans
    Like bombing Hiroshima with nuclear shit
    Americans ,israeles and Jews are all animals

  • I do not understand the belive of the jews that the truth can be hidden for ever. Even if it will take 100 years, the truth about the fake Holocaust will prevail. I’m afraid that in that moment the single solution that they will have to get away is to start a new war, most probably nuclear.

  • From a newspaper from my country: there are Hitler standing with a reporter,and they’re talking: Reporter:”Why are you killing the jews?”. Hitler:”I don’t want to say it now,because people in the future will know why I kill them”. Note:I agree with Gtman

  • The astoundingly ignorant Holocaust-denying cartoonist, as well as his obscene soul mates in the comments, only confirm what a waste of time it is to listen to anti-semites. They are ugly and backward… and proud of it.

    My best wishes to Jews worldwide as well as to Israel. They will continue to prosper no matter how many inane cartoons Iran publishes.

  • I went to the Iran run site about the holocaust I now feel unclean, It is sickening,
    I feel sorry for the people of Iran are fed this kind of lies and hatred propaganda by the people in power there.
    I weep for the people

  • I am Iranian myself, and I believe those people making comments about the jews and the holocaust being false are one of three things:
    1.) trying to goad the jews into hating muslims more, specifically iranians, for their own ends.
    2.) genuinely incredibly ignorant about history because they have been fed misinformation from birth or because they simply don’t want to accept reality.
    3.) immensely lost souls who need serious help.
    The point is, even if the holocaust WAS overhyped (which it certainlu ain’t), that’s besides the point. The belief in the jewish people that their ancestors were systematically exterminated after being told they were subhuman must be incomprehensibly painful. Although I agree nobody alive today can be blamed for those actions (for better or for worse), if there is any topic we need to have sensitivity toward, it would be something so horrific.
    Please, if you are iranian, or white, or arab, please for the good of humanity have some compassion.

  • I saw their site, it’s basically demonoziation of both germans and jews. It’s not only about anti-israeli cartoons but also anti-german racism

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