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The Internet is retarded. Not intellectually challenged or learning disabled or whatever. It is flat out RETARDED and I mean that in the most politically incorrect way possible. How else do you explain Yes. It’s a site dedicated to photos of cats. Cats that look like Hitler. And now we have Hipster Hitler, an anachronistic cartoon that re-imagines Hitler as a pouty hipster, complete with ironic t-shirts (Mix Master Race, Death Camp for Cutie, You Make me Feel like Danzig etc.), an ironic bicycle and a constantly annoyed attitude.

It’s kind of creepy perhaps but frankly, anything that ridicules Hitler I figure is pretty good for the Jews. And for mankind. And so I allow myself to laugh at the retardation.


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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You fail to notice that this kind of comics, or the hundred of “dancing hitler” on youtube mean that Hiltler is no more a taboo for the 15-20 something generation, and a whole pedagogy had no effect on them. Hitler has become a source of fun, or of “lulz” as they say.
    Are they immune to all the holocaust and hate sensibilization, in which the figure of the nazis and their barbary played a key role ?

    • i think that rather than ‘immunity’ to the atrocities that happened more like the contrary. i think that nowadays young adults in developed countries are over-confident that such history will never repeat itself under their eyes and that mocking fanatic dictators is lecit and somewhat obligatory in a certain sense. what, on the other hand, worries me is that this over-confidence might one day be confused with indifference, as we humans tend to forget, and maybe romanticize the past. this is not, in my opinion, a war between good and evil, but merely the attribution of ‘justice’ to acts that go against freedom of expression and being. every man is born free, independent of religion, race, skin colour etc etc…lest we forget

  • Sh’muel: I of course mourn all the lives lost at the hands of this mad man. I have read every major work regarding the Holocaust and yet? I reject your critique. There is nothing sacred about Hitler or the Holocaust. I reject a conception of Jewish identity that emphasizes the centrality of the Holocaust, Hitler and anti-Semitism. I will not be defined by my enemies and I’ll take Hipster Hitler over a dozen shiny new Holocaust Museums any day.

  • Mine was not a critique, CK. Or it was only in underappreciating the meaning of the “hitler is fun” wave. It’s true that this comic has got a king of absurd humour, for real, but I don’t think he’s being ridiculed. He’s shown as a trendy smart but hysteric art student “with an attitude”.
    Next, after being “lulzy”, Hitler will be “cool”. It’s the risk of this dedramatization that frightens me. I’m not sure you can tell a fan of this comic something like “you know he was a bad person”… he will tell you, in the same, smart, angry way of thi “hipster hitler” that old stories are for old people, and that only the fun is important.

    • ummm….. Sh’muel, I think you’re more offended about hipsters… Are you a hipster? ha I think that the comedy of Hitler being a *successful* artsy guy is enough hilariousness in itself. If Hitler, could see this himself he’d be outraged. What kind of a killing machine would ever wear tight jeans and a scarf.

  • Would it be cool if there were t-shirts or comics about 9-11 terrorists? No! Americans would freak out! Maybe they think it’s ok to make Hitler jokes because, like sh’muel says, he’s from another generation that hasn’t affected their lives personally. I wonder if in thirty years it will be acceptable to make 9-11 jokes. Most likely not. It’s not ok to make jokes about America’s slave history. So I guess anything goes as long as it’s not at the expense of Americans. American Jews don’t count.

    • I don’t think many Americans are aware of this so-called art.
      I assure you that this American sees NOTHING funny about death camps and genocide and never will. It is sick–just as sick as jokes about 9/11 or slavery.

      • As wierd as this may seem – everyday jokes are being made about admittedly serious issues such as slavery and 9-11. But, we should not be hypocritical. Poking fun at a serious issues no less diminishes the severity of the grief and pain he caused, it just makes it easier to except that what is done is done, there is no more reason to mourn it. If Jews cried everytime Hitler was mentioned, All of Asia would be drowning in salty Jew-tears. So live and let live. Have some fun. Down a margerhita and enjoy the life you’ve got today, without stressing about the lives lost then-that you can no longer help.. 😀

    • They’re not mocking the Holocaust, they’re mocking Hitler the person. That has been allowable for the figures associated with American atrocities – or did you somehow miss out on Bin Laden in a Blender and its ilk? I think we were mocking slave owners before slavery even ended.

  • Hi CK, I too don’t want or need to be defined by our enemies, or solely by the injustice and horror to which we’ve been subjected over thousands of years, but there’s a difference between not being a victim or dwelling in bitterness, and calling a spade a spade in order to put down words and actions made in very poor taste. “A” articulates this well in his/her response. Also, “Hipster Hitler” is not aimed at him or his ilk, it’s aimed at Jewish people, and is an insidiously ugly way of refashioning degradation and disrespect of Jewish people for “the next generation”. I’ve seen plenty of teen and 20-somethings quoting this phrase: I F@*$& Love Juice on pro-Israel/Jewish FB pages as a way to punk, as they say, all of us legitimate members of the page. You yourself called this comic creepy – and if it feels wrong, that’s because it is! Be well, Alexis

  • @A: Actually, I would welcome t-shirts or comics portraying the 9-11 terrorists with the type of humor employed by the Hipster Hitler comic. While on the one hand, we should never forget the horrors of history, lest we doom ourselves to repeating them, neither should we mythologize those who perpetrated the horrors. Satire like Hipster Hitler, the “Downfall” parodies, or Monty Python’s “Hitler in England” deflate the idea of Hitler as larger-than-life and serve to remind us that he was just another human being, and as such, he could have been stopped, had other human beings stood up to him.

  • Good point, Georgeous. It should be all or nothing when it comes to what is appropriate to poke fun at. Having subjects that are taboo make it really difficult to distinguish the fine line between what is funny and what is hateful.

  • I bought the Death Camp For Cutie tee and I laughed my ass off at the I LOVE Juice. Not only because it’s one sick-ass lulz but because I really do love juice and I myself, had an amazing night with 30+ juice boxes. Yep.

  • @A: actually there is a lot of stuff out there making fun of 9/11 terrorists. particularly bin laden. family guy in particular springs to mind.

  • as a jew myself, i fail to see why you’re upset. this is really a humiliation of hilter – a mockery of him and all he stood for. there is no greater way to strip power from his memory than to make it a joke. these comics and cats aren’t mocking the holocaust – they’re mocking the sick individual who started it by making him into a non-threatening cat, or a non-threatening nancy boy.

    hitler is dead. if we keep fearing him, we keep giving power to his memory. better to laugh. most jews understand that.

  • There’s a restaurant in Abu Ghosh, about 30 minutes away from CKs pad, where you can order a refreshing glass of Orange Jews from the menu. But that’s OK because everyone knows the Arabs in Abu Ghosh are the good kind…

  • Hipster Hitler is, as a concept, a pretty lame and predictable one. The gags I’ve read aren’t that funny and moreover I’m not entirely convinced that they’re laughing WITH they Jews or laughing at them.

    Humorous depictions of Hitler:
    Inglorious Basterds – awesome
    Hipster Hitler – lame

  • I’m not sure what it says about society that in order to insult Hitler (one of history’s worst mass murders), we align him with hipsters (a slightly annoying, postmodern subculture). There’s something wrong with this picture.

  • Nobody complained when The Producers aligned Hitler with a burned-out hippie, another “slightly-annoying subculture.”

  • You all underestimate the younger generation, reducing them to easily influenced dolts and it is extremely offensive to the people who take it as a joke without thinking it’s ‘cool’, as you say.

    Fuck off.

    Fuck right off.

  • The type of people quoting “I f*ing love juice” are not anti-semitic. They are trolls. They don’t do it out of personal belief. Hell, they don’t do anything out of personal belief. They just want to piss you off anonymously. But we need trolls, because they are the yin to the politically correct yang. Without them, everybody would be a bunch of politically correct pussies who wouldn’t even love their own children out of fear of offending orphans.

    We still don’t joke about slavery in America because racism is still very much a real force with real sociopolitical manifestations. However, Hitler, and all of his cronies, are dead. And WWII is over. The only remnants are Neo-Nazis, and I think we can all agree that they can go suck a dick. Perhaps Hipster Hitler’s dick?

  • Don’t trust paragons.
    Hitler and terrorists are not the devil holocaust-victims, the resistance, the American army and NY-firemen are not saints.

    No perfect evil or innocence, taboos or idols; only people who live and die, the reality of war and the imperfection of peace.

    I don’t feel like I’m honoring the past when I turn it into an abstraction. On the contrary.

    Idea for a spin-off: “JAP Anne Frank”.

  • Most of you seem to be missing the point, though @Gorgeous George hit it right on the head.

    While you’d never see it in the American media, there’s many many people on the internet who are happy to make jokes about 9-11, Bin-Laden, and slavery. The reason for this is not because they think that terrorism is “cool”, but because it is so culturally sacred. When a topic is taken so seriously by the public, there is a Newtonian opposing reaction among those who enjoy making light of the grave and joking about the terrible. The comparison to Monty Python is fitting, even if Hipster Hitler will never live up that standard.

    So don’t worry, the next generation’s not going to hell.

  • I thought we Jews were supposed to have a good sense of humor. All I see here is a bunch of whiners complaining about a genre of humor that has been made fun of for years. The holocaust was a tragedy and a should never be forgotten. This is not sweeping that part of the past under the rug, it’s reminding people that it existed – through satire. That’s why it happened 70 years ago and Hitler is still synonymous with evil, contemptuous genocide. Using him in humor does not diminish that or the deaths of the 6 million people that he murdered. Quit taking yourselves so seriously and take a page out of Mel Brooks’s book.

  • I’ve just stumbled upon this blog and I’d like to offer the perspective of a German.

    I’m 30 now and I’ve observed the change that happened to the way we treat Hitler over the years.

    Back when I was younger, it was pretty much a taboo to talk about the Third Reich in any way but somber and remorseful tones. It’s a big topic in school, obviously, and there are very few classes that don’t visit a KZ as part of their curiculum. There is also Schindler’s List to watch or The Downfall (Der Untergang), as is The Wave.

    In a way, displaying Hitler as a evil monster gave power to the various Neo Nazi oraginisations. Forbidden Fruit and all that.

    I remeber when the first German made movie came out with a Hitler parody. That made quite the splash and was a big controversy, if I remember correctly.

    It’s pretty much accepted now to poke fun at Hitler, like the comic does. I think this takes away power from those who wish to lure the young into their glorification of Hitler. It’s kinda hard to display Hitler as a great Führer when there are websites like catsthatlooklikehitler and hitler-hipster.
    How can you take that serious?

    Also, I think it helped the German Soul, if there is such a thing, to can laugh about it. It’s still mainly the kids, I doubt anybody older than will change very much.
    And why not let them laugh? For kids born in the 90’s or later, it is just history, how can they be responsible for anything related to the Third Reich?

    So, we have the people in their 70, who still say stuff like “Not everything Hitler did was good” which is kinda funny in a sad way. Or the same sentence turned around, “Not everything Hitler did was bad”. In a way, that is also true but still sad.

    And on the opposite end, there is the Hipster Hitler twenty somethings. It is a pretty big change and I for one fail to see anything bad about it.

    It is true that people are over confident, thinking it will never happen again. But that has always been the case, no? Nobody wants to admit that people can be evil and murderous bastards. Just the way people are wired.

    Anyway, my two cents, make of it what you want.

    Greetings from Germany

    • I have to agree too. The comics itself lowers the Hitler’s status of being a murderous monster that anyone should be scared of. What I see as Hitler now is a pathetic neurotic drama queen who’s not worthy of following.

      When it comes to the merchandise, well… Not knowing about the lawsuit, I still had to admit that the motives used for the t-shirts may be, except for one (“Save The Panzer”, I don’t see anything wrong o this one), offensive.

      I would keep the comics going on but if they still want to sell merchandise then they must create different motives.

      Martin from Czech Republic

  • The problem with Hipster Hitler is that it is not poking fun at Hitler, it is oftentimes endorsing Hitler and mocking his victims

    – “1941 – A Race Odyssey”
    – etc

    There is real evil buried in the harmless satire. The more offensive content could only appeal to Nazi-sympathizers

    • You have got to be kidding. The phrases you cite are from “ironic” t-shrts worn by Hipster Hitler. What should his shirts say? “Racism is bad?” The cartoon ridicules Hitler – there is nothing in it that glorifies Nazism at all.

      • Couldn’t disagree more. Hitler is young, witty, stylish and comes out on top. There is no balancing presentation of his victims in the cartoon – they are off the page out of site. It’s neo-Nazism – in its most literal form. Don’t be fooled by disclaimers about satire and irony.

      • Hipster Hitler is an annoying dolt and an object of ridicule. Witty? Stylish? Are you kidding? Unless of course you actually like the extreme manifestations of hipster “culture.” In that case, your attempt to be a pop culture savant fails.

  • I can’s see anything amuzing, humoristic or good taste. Those who see otherwise, I would say are either uneducated, ignorant, or just crazy.

    • Redbubble is a strong supporter of Hipster Hitler’s tees – they go way beyond the cartoon as tees alone. Much darker Nazi themes

      1941 – A RACE ODYSSEY

      Lot of people see the tees as Neo-Nazism

    • Redbubble didn’t create the Hipster Hitler shirts. Those were just a few of the tens of thousands of designs they offer. When I read stuff like “Three Reichs and You’re Out” I laugh. It doesn’t make me want to sympathize with or emulate Hitler or Nazism or even just plain ol’ hipsters. But look, I understand. The Holocaust was unimaginably horrible. Nazism perpetrated beastly and inhuman crimes. It’s hard to go from that to Hipster Hitler. Speaking of which, have you ever seen Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful? Or the French Train De Vie? What’s your take on those whimsical depictions of the Holocaust?

      • Ed. Note: If you might ever consider seeing Train De Vie then consider this a

        *** SPOILER ALERT ***

        Train De Vie catapults the audience back to the harsh reality of the Holocaust in its closing scene, a denouement of sorts, when it becomes apparent that the whole story of a self-deporting shtetl was a camp inmate’s day-dream, a desperate what-if that is rather disturbing and thought-provoking.

        In contrast, Hipster Hitler is aiming at the cheap laughs, the kind of laughs that can make for trivialisation.

        • Dude!!! You just ruined the film for like everybody! At least write *** SPOILER ALERT *** at the top of your post! As for trivialisation, it’s hard to trivialize the Holocaust unless you’re a totally ignorant git in which case you and your family deserve to be totally exterminated. Duh.

          • I’ve watched that film about two dozen times, and there still are new details to discover every time I watch it, so, sigh, sorry for sharing that bit of info, but I think it was a key point in highlighting how Train De Vie actually manages to honour the victims of the Holocaust while I didn’t see any attempt at such a thing in the Hipster Hitler cartoons I looked at. Worse even, it’s such a banal shtick, so void of anything but a little bit of pseudo-coolness and Third Reich trivia that it could easily be translated into other dictatorships without losing its comic appeal or lack thereof.

      • “THREE REICHS AND YOU ARE OUT” is worn by Hitler in the tee and can be seen as a direct reference to the Holocaust.

        Redbubble didn’t design the tees, some anonymous people did. Redbubble displays them, sells them, makes them, put sits name to them and profits from them.

  • All in all I read the comic and I think its hilarious. The point of the comic to de-emasculate Hitler to take him from something feared and make him into something pathetic. And I can get behind that. I would rather have him ridiculed than feared. I mean its less funny than the Producer’s SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER most things are.

    And people are making jokes about Osama already

  • Or it’s taken as a joke. It’s because some people can seperate reality from fiction, the idea of a hipster, obscure music vegetarian obsessed Hitler is nowhere near reality and thus can be a source of fun. I studied the Nazi’s in great detail for History and am very aware of the inhumane acts carried out in 1930/40’s Germay but can seperate that from this, a joke.

  • Hi- PLEASE don’t use the word “retarded” as you are doing. It’s every bit as offensive as words I heard growing up, like “kike,” “yid” etc. I understand you are not doing this maliciously. Nonetheless, it’s a word that hurts many people. Thanks!

  • Oh goodness. I think it’s hilarious. Mel Brooks thinks the best way to act revenge on Hitler is to make fun of him.

    Grow some matzah balls you guys.

  • It would be funny if it was based on the truth. But since you Juice have a running gag going it’s your domain.

    It will only reflect back on you people (?) when the time has fallen.

    Fraud is punishable. Juice is good only when non homogenized.
    But the Juice brand is tainted.

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