No rockets involved!

Every year, the CMJ Music Marathon hosts over 1,200 indie artists over the course of 5 days, and is the largest and longest-running music industry event of its kind anywhere. This year, Israel will be well represented with no less than 8 bands/artists showcasing their musical chops in New York City. These include Onili, Ivri Lider, Tamar Eisenman, Izabo. Sagol 59, Carusella, Hybrid Lava and DJ Mesh.

This aint no Hava Nagilah crew. Onili is an electro pop machine. Ivri Lider is mad popular in Israel and for good reason – I dare you to watch this video (Zachiti Le’ehov) and not get misty (if you know any Hebrew). He performs in English too – see Jesse and his cover of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl. Tamar Eisenman is 5″4′, rocks a Fender Telecaster, and you don’t want to miss her – she’s part of that new generation of female singer/songwriters with genre transcending TEETH. Izabo’s music is this frenetic mish mash of musical styles and frantic energy that makes for both a fun live show and an enlightening music experience. Sagol 59 is a much respected Jerusalem rapper who is not a Matisyahu wannabe. His raps are earthy, poetic, rough and real. Carusella is a duo not unlike the White Stripes but way more rockin’ if you can believe that’s possible. Hybrid Lava is a completely out of control glam mind fuck from hell. DJ Mesh is an inspired turntablist who will wow you with his spins while his crew of Russian Jerusalem gangbangers steal your car and mess with your woman. Nope. No Hava Nagila here.

CMJ takes place in New York City from October 19-23rd. More info and tickets available at the CMJ site.

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