The Jpost has provided us with one of the most important stories of the year.

A study by the Tzomet Institute titled “Forbidden sexual relations for the sake of national security” released this week rules that female Mossad agents may have sex with the enemy in missions against terrorists.

I’m sure the terrorists are thrilled!

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  • Please Tom, don’t interrupt. Everybody knows the real civil rights crisis is in Israel, Gaza and that area everybody calls the “West Bank.”

  • Middle, did the WH’s deal with Bibi on the settlement freeze involve giving you a nine-month vacation?

  • ….Or maybe you’ve been busy trying to save Barbara Boxer.

  • Tom, we’re having a salary dispute here on Jewlicious. I demand to be paid nothing for my hard work and ck is insisting that I be paid nothing for my hard work. As a consequence, we have been so busy negotiating that there has been little time to write.

  • At least you’ll have an Irishman running the show in Sacramento, Middle. Or is Governor Moonbeam actually from Saturn?

    CA’s shaping up to be the only state in which the Dems won’t get absolutely massacred. What do you think the Boxer-Fiorina spread will be, Middle?

    • If it were held today, I’d say Boxer by 3-4%, Brown by 6-8%. Since there’s some time left and the hardest hitting ads are yet to come, I’d say Boxer wins by 1-2% and Brown by 5%.

      I want to feel sorry for the Dems, but they did this to themselves. I am also very curious to see if the Jewish vote is affected by the last couple of years of Dem leadership.