Great day for a walk

The race for a breast cancer cure started at Gan Sacher and ended at Gey Hinom. Yeah, that Gey Hinom. But the day was anything but hellish as thousands of people from all over gathered to lend support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. This was the first such event run by the Susan G. Komen people in Israel and given the success of today’s efforts it won’t be the last. The race was preceded by the bathing of various parts of Jerusalem in pink light. Fun, right?

The uh... Shrine of the Book

Jaffa Gate. Jerusalem of pink!

Senator Joe and Hadassah Lieberman came out for the walk

Click below for more pics from the walk

Israeli teen beauty queens. From L to R, BatEl Jobi, Gal Erez and Adi Sadi

Diverse participants

Dan Brown is down on Breast Cancer

Shrine of the Book image courtesy of Down Town Dan Brown and ejewishphilanthropy

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