From the Saudi constitution:

Article 1
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab Islamic state with Islam as its religion; God’s Book and the Sunnah of His Prophet, God’s prayers and peace be upon him, are its constitution, Arabic is its language and Riyadh is its capital.

And yet today the 128-seat Fatah Revolutionary Council announced:

“The council also renews its refusal for the establishment of any racist state based on religion in accordance with international law and human rights conventions.”

Now, of course they were referring to Israel, which has asked the Palestinians to recognize it as a Jewish state as part of any peace agreement. To this, the legislative body of the Fatah party – the party which is parent to the PLO and currently to the Palestinian Authority – has responded:

The council affirms its rejection of the so-called Jewish state or any other formula that could achieve this goal.

This comes on the heels of the PA taking an official position on the fact that the Jewish people have absolutely no connection to the Western Wall at the Temple Mount, or to the Temple Mount itself. According to them, the site is owned by an Algerian Muslim family and has no connection to the Jews whatsoever.

As for racist states, as described by Fatah, strangely enough the countries that best meet its criteria are Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Oman, Pakistan, and Yemen or states that declare Islam to be their state religion such as Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates.

Israel, on the other hand, is a model of contrasts with all of the states described above. It is democratic, it offers full freedom of religion, it has about 20% non-Jews who have citizenship and full civil rights just like the state’s majority Jews and it continuously seeks to make peace with the Arab and Muslim world.

But wait, it gets better. You see, the Palestinians have a constitution draft waiting to be implemented. It was commissioned by Arafat in 1999 and organized by Nabil Sha’ath who led the constitutional committee appointed by Arafat and who remains a key player in the PA today. The committee’s mandate and efforts were endorsed by the Central Council of the PLO in its various meetings during 2000. And what does the Palestinian constitution-in-waiting declare?

Article 3

The Palestinian people are a part of the Arab and Islamic nations.

Article 6

Islam shall be the official religion of the state. The monotheistic religions shall be respected.

Article 7

The principles of the Islamic Shari`a are a primary source for legislation.

Yes, yes, yes indeed. The Fatah Revolutionary Council, one of the two governing bodies behind the Palestinian Authority, has declared any future Palestinian state racist while maintaining that it has the right to declare a future Islamic state called Palestine…but, on the other hand, the Jews have no right to declare Israel Jewish and by doing so they are violating international laws and being racists.

I can’t wait to hear how the Palestinian supporters, especially Jewish ones, explain this one away.

By the way, the IDF has announced that 180,000 Palestinians were treated in Israeli hospitals this year, or about 500 a day, including 3000 emergency cases. Racists!

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