L’Oreal / The Body Shop

Trader Joe’s (Dorot Garlic and Herbs, Israeli Cous Cous and Pastures of Eden feta cheese).

Estee Lauder – which includes Clinique, MAC, Origins, Bumble & Bumble and Aveda.

Sabra hummus and other salads

Sara Lee – Hanes, Playtex, Champion, Leggs, Sara Lee Bakery, Ball Park hotdogs, Wonderbra, and many others.

Victoria’s Secret
Most of Victoria’s Secret’s bras are produced by Delta Galil.

Tribe hummus

Golan, Carmel and Galil wines

Chapters and Indigo bookstores in Canada

Feel free to mention other companies that you know have been targeted.

Support these companies by buying their products or from their stores whenever you can. If you’re in need of some of their products on November 30, in particular, that would be a good day to go shopping since at least one prominent pro-Israel advocacy group is attempting to create a “buycott” for that day.

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  • can i see a link to this boycot and the info on it before you ask people to blindly support something

  • Before you buy Ahava products, you should see the rationale behind the international boycott campaign against the company at http://www.stolenbeauty.org. Ahava cosmetics are made in a factory based in a settlement in the Occupied West Bank. The company’s profits subsidize two Israeli settlements in the West Bank that are co-owners of the enterprise. The company’s fraudulent labeling practices are under investigation in the UK and the Netherlands. There are active boycott campaigns against Ahava in the U.S., U.K., France, Israel, South Africa, Ireland, the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Austria. Settlements are an impediment to peace. Settlement products subsidize the occupation. Ahava means love in Hebrew, but there’s nothing loving about occupation. Don’t buy it. Help take the profit out of occupation.

  • In its final statement, the jury of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, London 20-21 November, “draws the attention of all corporations complicit in Israel’s grave violations that their continued business activities place them on the wrong side of international opinion, morality and law.”
    The jury also “noted the failure of states to take appropriate action to put an end to Israel’s violations and illegal, despite the requirements of international law, or to hold to account corporate complicity in Israeli actions, which has prompted civil society to step in and take action to bring about policy changes that respect international law.” “Corporations play a very decisive role in enabling Israel to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity. These corportate activities can, and have been, the subject of citizens’s movements with a wide range of boycott and divestment action.” “In the Israeli context, civil society is taking effective action to enforce the law.”

    Ahava is deeply rooted in the settlements of Mitzpeh Shalem and Kalya. Settlements are in violation of international law. Boycotting Ahava products sends a message that you want Israel to end its violations of international law.

  • It’s a little sad that people who claim to do things in the spirit of philanthropy would rather spend their time baldly discriminating against Israel under the guise of having the best interests of whatever ” helpless brown ethnic group” they happen to care about most that week.

    Not to say Israel is heaven on Earth and nothing done there by the Government is unfair, inhumane or objectionable. But the new norm is so assume everything done by the aforementioned Governing power IS unfair, inhumane and objectionable on a human rights level. Which is bull.

    White chicks have a long, condescending and ignorant history of crusading for people who never asked them to do so. They seems to thrive on supporting a controversial “good cause”, and the eventual backlash. Any attention is good attention I guess.

    It’s also a socially acceptable way of expressing antisemitism. ” Boycotting Israel” validates existing hateful and defensive feelings.

    They already have socially acceptable means of looking down and subjugating ” the poor, helpless, ignorant ____” through “charity” (often an organization their spokesperson or biggest supporters have a financial or political interest in) which validates their white guilt while at the same time justifying their unwarranted unilateral ideas of what constitutes moral authority , so now their defensive feelings of ” why CAN’T I hate somebody who’s mostly white, isn’t that the rule?!” are justified through this new hipster anti Semite movement.

    Meanwhile other Americans could benefit from charity and attention- but opposing Israel is WAY more trendy and surer to bring them to self righteous orgasm before trying to address the issues of poor nutrition or lack of basic education in the south(for example). And they are less likely to get the attention they obviously crave in all forms from helping out habitat for humanity.

    It’s not even enough to make me mad anymore- just tired and pitying. It’s the “activism” equivalent of a 14 year old girl running around in a tube top and short shorts to show what a feminist she is because she’s ” using her body as power.”

    Give me a break.

  • Jonah, there are numerous organizations running boycotts. This isn’t one specific boycott. There are also plenty of companies that are being targeted which I didn’t list because it didn’t seem practical here, like Caterpillar.

    Anne, the Russel Tribunal on Palestine is organized by a woman who blames Israel for suicide attacks against Israelis and the jury is a who’s who of prominent anti-Israel activists. Shameful.

    Stolen Beauty, Ahava has excellent products and I encourage you to buy them, preferably on November 30.

    I also strongly encourage you, Stolen Beauty and Anne Born, to go out and PROTEST the Palestinian refusal to accept Jewish history and its connection to the Land of Israel, their refusal to acknowledge the existence of Israel as a Jewish state thus negating the right to self-determination of the Jewish people as accorded to all people by international law, and the ingratitude of the PA for having Israel protect them from Hamas all these years. I don’t encourage you to boycott the Palestinians, just let them know that wrong is wrong.

  • RE: Sandy
    You’re way off. So, so, so off!
    First of all you say:
    “White chicks have a long, condescending and ignorant history of crusading for people who never asked them to do”

    The Palestinian people did in fact ask for help; they sent out a boycott, divestment, sanctions call over 5 years ago to international civil society (though they didnt specifiy “white chicks”) to help them with their cause and in their struggle.

    All the stuff about anti-semitism is also way off. people like you use the term and label people or actions critical of israel “anti semitic” as a way to crush dissent against israel, not help combat racism. it’s so transparent, that any informed, rational person can see through your agenda.

    Finally, it’s no charity that the boycott movement is giving to palestine – it’s not even close to charity. And to say that if you’re going to fight for an injustice than you have to fight for all,and you must start at home, is simply unfair.
    To call the BDS campaign, and the people who support it and those critical of israel “hipsters” is really funny. you can’t be serious. hahah are you serious?
    Viva Palestine!!

  • Hey Bee, is it anti-Semitic to deny a Jewish link to the Western Wall?

    I ask because that’s what the Palestinians have done. They actually did it back in 2000, at the Camp David peace talks, but that was forgotten because it came out of Arafat’s mouth. But this time, it’s Fayyad and Abbas’s PA that has dissembled this information.

    These are the same people who put out the call for the boycott movement, right?

    So you’re supporting people who not only reject peace, but put their anti-Semitism front and center for all to see.

    You’re right that you’re not hipsters. You’re hypocrites.

  • This list is great. I didn’t even realize some of these products would count and got my unintentional buycott on whilst buying underwear this past weekend.
    And really it’s the every day parts of that market that mean the boycott will ultimately fail, not the ineptitude of the boycotters.

  • There is no “Palestine” or “Palestinians” for that matter. Learn some history. The Arab Fakestinians are the occupiers and settlers of Israel. VIva Israel!

    • Come on, let’s not descend to the level of “there is no Palestinians.” It’s a stupid argument and gets us nowhere.

      Viva peace!

  • Should I mention that local Palestinians come into my family’s store specifically to buy Israeli food products like crembo, bamba, prigat juice, etc because they miss the stuff?

  • The boycott of Israeli products is to stop the illegal occupation and building on land that is part of the future Palestinian state. The Israelis can never and will never have peace until they treat the Palestinians with dignity and stop occupying their land. Israeli companies who support the 1967 borders and true, equal peace with the Palestinians should market and label their products ‘Made within the 1967 borders’..I’d buy them and tell my friends to buy them. Until Israelis stop their Nazi style treatment of the Palestinians, Israel will never be treated as a real country, it will be a pariah, just like South Africa once was.

  • Oh Robert, cut the bullshit. Do you realize how you and your movement belittle yourselves by using the Nazi and apartheid analogies? You are simply liars with no self-respect for your own claims.

  • As a Jew-Vietnam veteran, I share a common problem with others. For 4 decades, I met veteran after veteran, many were children when the war ended, but each claims some honor tied to military service based on a movie or television show. I have met, over the years, hundreds of such individuals, many at meetings of veterans organizations. I don’t find it horrible or destructive but it is disturbing and I won’t even remotely begin comparing service in Israel with the experience of evil Israel. This being the case, only a few hundred holocaust survivors could be alive today, not the one million living in Israel.

  • This is great, however, the Body Shop supports the National Committee for the Defense of the Internally Displaced. This organization calls for the destruction of Israel and the removal of Jews from Israel by death. It is best for Israel’s supporters to steer clear of the Body Shop. Groupon is also supporting The Body Shop but probably doesnt realize their antiIsrael stance. The Palestinians were displaced by the Arab countries who attacked Israel in “48. Maybe the Body Shop and this Committee didnt bother to study history.