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  • Too much black in this new design.
    What is this a boutique cinema website?
    What are you – haredi?

    Black is boring and overdone – it has become a cliche. And ugly scrollbars and other controls pop up in standard grey (I am using Firefox.)

    Black with tiny white text fonts – not likely to encourage thoughtful posting.

  • You guys are harsh! Tho I may have to kill off this theme for other reasons. It’s pretty darn powerful… we’ll see… thanks for your totally off topic comments… 😉

  • The light ledger lines give less of a feeling of “floating” in a sea of black – but the thin, sans-serif text is just raw pixels with no softening. Making it grey instead of white didn’t help much. OK when I bump up the font size, but it’s much easier to read the heavier, lightly serifed text that I am typing in now (comments box).

    I actually like the blue against black. Orange and poison/neon snot-green are overdone and dated. Car companies have recently adopted a range of saturated light blues like this. And at least blue is a Jewish color.

    You will have problems with some of your ad graphics – likely to be a big white gash down the page.

    But everything looks muted.
    Try using the “hover” option of the css file to shift the background of active areas, and make them pop more. you could even make active articles black on white, which would be extreme. Or make their text larger.

  • Confusing: That Abbas and Erakat’s avatars seem to be Gandhi and Churchill. I don’t know how to unpack that.

    Funny: That while people the world over stumble over the pronunciation of “Abitbol,” these computer avatars have no problem with it, and instead stumble over “hallah.”

    Offensive: Why you gotta leave out the onions? Onions are awesome.

    I can’t decide if everyone needs to start using xtranorml every time they want to make a point, or if everyone needs to STOP using xtranorml every time they want to make a point.

  • And by the way, Jewlicious in Hebrew above seems to look like Jewlishoom. I know you love garlic, but really.

  • Esther. Next time you are in Israel you are officially invited to Beit Jewlicious for some REAL Shakshuka. The kind with no onions. While I love onions, Shakshuka with onions is just spaghetti sauce with eggs. Seriously. Onions in Shakshuka are like a gateway drug. You start with that and before you know it you’re adding spinach and Bulgarian cheese and what you have is no longer Shakshuka. I’m nmot going to wait for you to call. I’ll track you down and set a time and date. Feel free to bring friends along.

    And yeah. Jewlishoom! Bad Hebrew keyboard! Bad!

  • “That Abbas and Erakat’s avatars seem to be Gandhi and Churchill. I don’t know how to unpack that”

    Sorry, I thought that was very funny.

  • themiddle, that’s why we’re only a 74% match. I was kind of joking. It was kind of funny, just seeing those historical figures “playing” other historical figures…never mind. We’re still friends, right?

  • you dudes sure go thru a lot of makeovers

    i think it reads well nuff

  • You need to know about this:

    Having the FBI ignore documented anti-Semitism, including Swastikas, urine and feces and a record $1.7M verdict is a threat to Jewish people and to the course of Humanity at large, watch the courtroom video:

    I grew up at a predominately Jewish prep school in Cleveland and I was drawn to this Scott Hyman case here in New England because of the restrictive covenants and the outright virulent racism. As blacks and Jews in Cleveland we tended to stand together, so I stood for Scott and still stand for him as the ADL basically did nothing for him and major media were told to go away, after covering the case at the beginning.

  • Xisnotx, I’ve started to read it. It’ll take me a while to plow through it. However, even from the beginning it is flawed. The first and most important mistake they make is the claim that what’s happening is related to race. That’s an outright lie, but it serves as a good foundation for what they’re ultimately looking for which is a way of expressing the apartheid argument.

    They also appear to want Israel to treat the Palestinians like citizens, which makes little sense. They aren’t citizens. In places like eastern Jerusalem, HRW demands that the Palestinians receive treatment equal to Israeli citizens, even though they reject Israeli citizenship.

    They also complain as if Israel acts unilaterally but the Palestinians don’t. Where did all those new Palestinian houses and house expansions come from in Judea and Samaria? Israel funnels taxes collected from the Palestinians to the PA, so do the missing schools and hospitals that Israel supposedly needs to build for them need to spring up from thin air? I haven’t seen mention of the 180,000 Palestinians who received medical treatment inside Israel this year, facilitated by the IDF.

    That’s not to touch on issues where Israel rejects HRW’s and its fellow NGOs’ premises about the occupation, the transfer of its population into this area, et cetera.

    There’s also the simple issue of Israel having offered peace three times, as recently as 2008. Were the Palestinians to negotiate and accept a deal, Israel’s presence in 96% of Judea and Samaria would end. Should Israel undertake large infrastructure and school projects for a population that should already be under its own government and could, in theory, move to such a government any time?

    But I think what rankled me most, at least at the early stage of the reading, is a footnote that in my opinion shines a bright light upon HRW’s bias and disingenuousness:

    Violent attacks by Palestinian armed groups killed 202 Israeli civilians in the West Bank between 2000 and August 31, 2010. During the same period, Israeli settlers killed 43 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Israeli security forces killed 1823 Palestinian civilians there, according to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

    Everybody knows that the majority of the attacks against Israeli civilians by “Palestinian armed groups” took place inside the Green Line, not in Judea and Samaria. Around 1200 Israelis have been killed between 2000 and 2010 by Palestinians, most of them by Fatah which is the parent party of the current PA. Not only does HRW ignore them, but does it under the guise of reporting only about the “West Bank,” even though the vast majority of civilian Israelis killed in this past decade were murdered by Palestinians from the “West Bank.”

    It is precisely this type of dishonesty, laying bare the open bias of HRW against Israel and its citizens, that pushes this NGO into a corner filled with anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic loonies. It is the reason HRW’s own founder has began to attack the organization he built for undermining itself with this broad focus on Israel and its supposed ills.