Here’s the announcement:

“The Argentine government recognizes Palestine as a free and independent state within the borders defined in 1967”

There are no 1967 borders.

In 1967, the so-called “Green Line” to which the Brazilians and Argentinians are referring, was still an armistice line dating back 18 years to the conclusion of the Arab war on Israel launched in 1948 and paused in 1949. At that time, a conclusive peace deal was not signed and permanent borders were not outlined by any side because of the refusal of the Arab states, particularly Jordan in the case of the area “recognized” by the South Americans, to accept Israeli sovereignty or sign a peace agreement.

Not only were there no borders in 1967, but UNSCR 242 and 338 require that the areas conquered by Israel in the Six Day War only be given up in part, not entirely, and only when Israel’s neighbors agree to live next to it in peace. Neither requirement has been fulfilled thus far and Brazil and Argentina are in violation of those resolutions.

Finally, the Oslo Accords themselves leave certain matters to negotiations between the parties, among them Jerusalem and its holy sites. This announcement violates the Oslo Accords and subsequent international activity such as declarations by the Quartet.

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