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  • Uhm email me for the Jewlicious YouTube password so that you can put your creations there and make them shareable…

  • First of all, this estimate is predicated on PA demographic counts and have been contested. I believe the group contesting it has done an excellent job making their case. Second, this count includes all non-Jews, not just Palestinians.

    By the way, you have evaded answering my question well enough that I hereby award you the Saeb Erakat Saying Nothing Prize. Congrats.

  • sorry tm, really didn’t mean to cause a ruckus, i’ll try to make my exclamations count

    • There’s no longer any need, xisnotx. I was so hurt that I’ve decided to give up my nascent filmmaking career, move to Israel and run for PM instead.

      By the way, did you move?

    • ip address is different than the one you used to post from years ago (it’s not like I look all the time, but for some reason I checked this time). Different city altogether.

  • well i travel some, but i’m posting from where i usually do. i didnt change ISP’s, tho i upgraded my service. maybe xisnotx is not xistnotx? if i fell in the woods, would my IP address change?

  • That’s really weird. Maybe the previous time (which was the only other time I checked) you were traveling. Oh well, never mind.