Dear Jewish sisters,

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It’s time for some “straight” talk: Enough already with this curl-hating crap. We didn’t wander the desert for 40 years so that you could hide your hot Semitic look beneath all those hair-straightening treatments. I’m calling for an end to all the Japanese/Brazilian/whatever techniques you spend time and money on every week to hide the fact that you have Gorgeous Jew Hair!

True, in our culture women long have subjected themselves to all kinds of pain and imposition to look good for men (and each other). When I was growing up, many Jewish girls got nose jobs. Has hair straightening become today’s nose job? There’s gotta be some underlying self-hating/non-acceptance psychobabble theories Naomi Wolf should address here!

My mother recommended I straighten my hair in high school so I could look like a beautiful goyish girl. But now I embrace my curls; hey, it’s my natural look (plus I have better things to do with my time than spend an hour having someone yank on my hair with a blow dryer). Any pictures or videos of me with straight hair are either one in a hundred or date back to high school.

I apologize to all my Jewish girlfriends who are guilty of straightening their Jewish roots away. You know I love you, curly or straight. (Though, come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen some of you with your natural curly hair! Send me a pic, will ya?)

Now, don’t tell me that if you had non-frizzy curls like me, you would wear your hair natural. If you didn’t use every chemical and drying method invented on your hair weekly, your hair wouldn’t frizz! And even if it does, Moroccan oil works magic.

Really, girls, let loose! Battle our reputation as being high maintenance ladies with your low-maintenance curls. It’s not like all Jewish men are only attracted to girls with straight hair. I’m sure there’s a percentage, just like with all populations, but let those guys go Asian if that’s what they want.

Be who you are! Love those shapely curls. We are not WASPy waifs, nor are we meant to have pin-straight hair like our Japanese sisters. We were chosen for a reason; now embrace your curls and be well. And let’s eat something while we’re at it.

I’m a curly girl, now and forever.

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