Whining is for women; whiskey is for men. The only shoulder a man cries on is marinated beef chuck, and the only tears he cries are tears of joy. “You don’t want to mix emotions up with a wine,” Papa implored in “The Sun Also Rises.” “You lose the taste.”

This Hemingwayesque advice comes from Marty Beckerman’s newest book The Heming Way: How to Unleash the Booze-Inhaling, Animal-Slaughtering, War-Glorifying, Hairy-Chested, Retro-Sexual Legend Within… Just Like Papa! which was recently excerpted in Salon. What does this have to do with the Jews? Well, Marty, who I first met as one of my charges on the inaugural Jewlicious Birthright Israel trip, is a Jew – at least by Birthright standards. Marty is also an ROI alum and the 6th annual ROI Summit is, as Justin notes in this video, right around the corner!

But what of Hemingway? American Modernism is rife with anti-Semitic depictions of Jews. We have the “damned jews” in Ezra Pound’s Cantos; Edith Wharton in The House of Mirth introduces us to one Simon Rosedale, a wealthy assimilated Jew who has difficulty gaining the acceptance he craves from the social elite; and of course, who can forget Meyer Wolfsheim, the criminal Jewish financier and fixer of the World Series in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Hemingway wrote several Jewish characters, but his quintessential Jew was Robert Cohn in The Sun Also Rises. The former boxing champion is portrayed as a whiny alcoholic lacking the quiet, brooding stoicism that is the hallmark of goyish manliness.

The excerpt from Beckerman’s book is titled “How to drink, the Hemingway way: The self-destructive drinker knew what he liked when it came to alcohol. Here are some of his hard-learned tips.” The satirical treatment certainly raised the ire of Salon’s community of commenters. I won’t repeat the epithets hurled Beckerman’s way but it seems he pissed everyone off – those who despise Hemingway’s overwrought machismo as well as those who wish to preserve whatever is left of Hemingway’s hallowed position in the American literary canon. But here’s the thing, follow these tips and you too can end up like Papa – a sad jaundiced alcoholic, a terrible father, a bad hunter and perhaps, dead by suicide. Anyone who sees Beckerman’s satire as a Maxim-style glorification of hard drinking probably spends too much time watching Jersey Shore and reading, well, Maxim. I mean, look at Beckerman! He’s hardly the hard drinking type. I’ve been to bars with him. I’m pretty sure he confined himself to Bud Light. And last I checked, he lived in a neighborhood in Brooklyn defined by its proximity to Park Slope whose sole charm is its wealth of Broadway actors and lesbian bars. He’s hardly the poster boy for over the top Hemingway style machismo.

I’m not suggesting that the postmodern ideal of the effete, sensitive, politically-correct man is one we ought to emulate. But surely there has to be a solid middle ground – one that doesn’t include either drinking yourself into a stupor on a regular basis or bemoaning the testosterone that courses through your veins while sitting naked in a weepy all men’s drum circle. I could go into the whole Israel Man / Diaspora boy dichotomy so aptly lampooned by our dear friend Eli Valley (another ROI alum and current artist in residence at Der Forverts), but this isn’t about me rubbing my Zionism in anyone’s face. So what if a bunch of goyim in the 20’s and 30’s saw Jewish men as weak, emasculated and conniving?

This is about what it means to be a man. Real men don’t drink like idiots. Real men deal with their Mommy issues and don’t hate on women. Real men pick their battles judiciously. Real men are loyal to their friends and care for their families. Real men don’t produce agunot. Real men think before they speak and don’t sell out those closest to them in order to curry favor with trendy douchebags. Real men respect and love all of God’s creatures. I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my point.

Beckerman’s novel is available in book and byte form at hemingwaybook.com. Keep up with all things Beckerman at martybeckerman.com.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Good post. One of your better ones (I laughed, I cried, I hiccuped), and I’ve seen just about all of them.

  • ck and the middle as a lit-crit art fags? who knew? Now I just want you more. Oh God I love Jewlicious! OHGODOHGODOHGOD!

  • Back off bitch! ck is mine! But you can still have themiddle which isn’t too shabby, right? Speaking of lit crit art fags, say what you will about Ernest Hemingway, I won’t date any man who hasn’t read The Sun Also Rises. I also won’t date a man who drinks cocktails with sugar in them after dark in non-tropical regions. Make of that what you will.

  • what is your evidence that he was a bad father? His children all had good things to say about him.

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  • 7 great places to Meet Women

    Meeting and attracting women comes with many challenges with which you may be too familiar. for [url=https://twitter.com/charmdate]charmdate[/url] guys, Trying to find a place to meet women is the best challenge. if it is you, absorb this article. “without, We met at the produce area, truthfully, in truth, housewares stores are good places to meet women.

    consider this. the larger percentage of shoppers is likely women and, as a, You will be pleasantly impressed at the opportunities at the supermarket. add to, Since everyone needs to shop for food, You will find a number of women at the supermarket.

    plumbing service to go is around 5:30 after sunset when most people get off work. with this hour, You should have no problem finding an interesting woman to approach. as far as “The program, the method is to ask their opinion about an item. This is a great way to start a conversation and, slowly but surely, Transition the topic from the item view to more general topics.

    2. fast food restaurants

    fast food chains have become the feeding pool for single, bringing in women which I first realized during a recent trip. I took the train to ny city one afternoon and headed to Starbucks to grab a cup of tea. inside of of, There were dozens of tables jam packed with beautiful women.

    oddly, It was Tuesday afternoon in November. With nearly a hundred attractive women at this coffee shop during this period, Imagine the possibilities!

    It is my opinion that coffee shops are an untapped market with respect to meeting women. Most guys simply do not reap some benefits from what I found to be a terrific place to easily meet women. Just get a cup of coffee or tea and initiate a conversation with a great woman nearby.

    3. person

    Parties can be loads of fun, A great place to hang out and also a fanatastic place to meet attractive women. in case older, Parties are a good way to socialize with the old friends as well as meet new ones. Since the objective of the evening is to socialize, Parties provide the perfect relaxed atmosphere to more easily approach a woman and engage her in conversation.

    If your mates are not those that host parties, just have your own party! Just invite all of friends and ask that they bring along a few guests. With a whole lot of new women at the party, You will find plenty of opportunities to start great conversations and practice your “attraction skills,

    4. your own individual Social Circle

    a substitute for parties is your own social circle. one of the more common ways men meet their girlfriend or wife is through mutual friends or social contacts. Your chances are high that you will meet a great woman from your family and friends.

    To benefit from your social circle normally indicate, you should begin organizing various events and turn yourself into the “manager” to keep things interesting, Social moments. This will expand your social circle even more helping you to meet more interesting, seductive women.

    5. church

    it’s true, I said it. Church is a real great place to meet women. One benefit of meeting women are religious places is perhaps morally inline with their life. essential, Many who attend church standard have faced a lot of “Inner difficulty” Already and have managed to get rid of them.

    Do not fall prey to the disbelief that regular churchgoers are not fun and sexual. These women enjoy a good time just like all others. They only differ in that they do not live the hedonistic lifestyle wedding ceremony found with other women.

    6. train engines and Subways

    Many guys work in major cities and towns, Spending countless hours each week commuting to their job. Some men use this time on the train or subway to relax, Sleep or read a good book. that you, alternatively, Should use this time as an opportunity to meet new women.

    One key, and the like, Is to scan the subway or train for a woman who is reading a book with which you are conversant. Start the dialogue by discussing the book on hand and then shift the while conversing into more general topics and, in due course, Setting up a date or at least getting her phone number.

    7. the afternoon meal or Happy Hour

    If currently employed in a major city, advertising area or corporate park, You will notice there are probably several local establishments that offer lunch or happy hours specials. above are great places to mingle with co workers, Have a great time and meet women from other local companies.

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  • Federal judge orders freeze on police promotions system in Prince George’s after lawsuit alleges bias

    district Judge Theodore D. Chuang in Maryland is part of an ongoing lawsuit that officers of color filed in 2018 alleging systemic racism and workplace splendour. Among several allegations of bias, The lawsuit asserts that the section disproportionately elevates White members of the force.

    In his scenario, Chuang wrote that ended up being “noteworthy disparities” In the test passage rate for the exam that promotes members of the force to police man first class and corporal. He also asserted that “Taken conjointly, this “in a nutshell promotion statistics” For Black and Hispanic officers seeking the rank of sergeant and lieutenant also had lower rates of deal or promotion.

    Chuang said in his ruling that a legal court found “massive disparities” In the department’s promotions process that have an “adverse impact” On black and Hispanic officers for two of the ranks.

    the court did not grant the plaintiffs’ request to halt the April 2021 promotion exam but did order the county to reevaluate its system ahead of an exam set for October.

    Joanna Wasik, Counsel for the litigants, Said the officers think a key win after more than two years of battling in court with the county, Which has denied the officers’ allegations right from the start. The ruling comes just months after the judge also granted the plaintiffs’ request to unseal an expert report examining dozens of instances of alleged racism, Documents that [url=https://twitter.com/asiameofficial/]asiame.com[/url] the county fought to keep from men and women view.

    Prince George’s County’s new police chief is without question Malik Aziz, A deputy chief from dallas, tx

    “This is a very swift and equally important win that pushes the ball toward change, Wasik menti one d. “The main message of our clients has been that equity inside the department is really critical to external relationships with the community. You can’t have one but without the other, And that is why they have been pushing these internal reforms,

    County Attorney Rhonda Weaver said in an announcement that the police department “Welcomes the way” To work with the plaintiffs and a completely independent expert to review the promotion process “And to recommend highly changes, just to make sure,

    Weaver said the county and police plan are “Committed to ensuring that their knowledgeable developed promotion system continues to result in the promotion of the best qualified officers of all races, Ethnic peoples, And wallpapers,

    The lawsuit leans on county data showing that the demographics of the police department which is 43 percent White do not reflect the diversity of the county, which includes a population that is 64 percent Black and 20 percent Hispanic.

    In a motion to the court, The litigants blame the department’s promotion exam system for the disparities. Lawyers for the officers who are suing argued that data collected within the lawsuit showed that for years, The pass rates for the tests that determine promotion eligibility and rank were time after time lower among Black and Hispanic officers which experts said was statistically significant and could not have happened by chance.

    thereby, The personal injury lawsuit asserts, as well as white Hispanic officers as a group were promoted at lower rates than White officers for five years in a row.

    Officers who took the current iteration of the promotion exams in 2020 and April 2021 will not have to retake it, And their results isn’t going to be thrown out, Chuang wrote in his lording it over. But the county must execute a new system by October 2021, When the next exam is planned, And work with the plaintiffs to select a private expert to evaluate the department’s written tests, Skills tests and selection processes.

  • Selenium Testing For Effective Test automation

    While there is excellent increment in the mobile apps market share, Web apps are still prevalent with newer and interesting. user base. Enterprises are focusing on the quality at speed when considering web apps, Before implementation. This is where testing has a huge role to play. UI testing is still mostly a manual process unlike somefunctional testingwhich can be programmed. But it is sensible to automate testing which will save persistence. When discussing automation, Selenium testing is firstly,firstly comes to mind as it is the most popular test automation tool in the world. So let’s you can earn selenium testing.

    may be Selenium Testing

    Selenium testing tool is open source and it enables users to drive friendships with the page and test the app across various platforms. It allows users to operate a browser from their preferred language like Java, JavaScript, c, PHP, Python, and many others. Selenium has many tools and APIs for automating user human relationships on HTML JavaScript apps on browsers like IE, steel, opera, firefox, safari, et cetera.

    Selenium Framework is a code structure which enables you to simplify and reuse the code. devoid of frameworks, We will place the code as well as data in the same position which is neither re usable nor readable. Selenium automation frameworks are very theraputic for higher portability, additional code re usage, Higher code legibility, Reduced script repairs cost, therefore.

    seo Selenium Web Driver

    Selenium WebDriver accepts commands via the litigant API and sends them to browsers. Selenium WebDriver is a browser specific driver which helps in accessing and launching the numerous browsers like Chrome, flock, web browser, and many more. The WebDriver has an interface to create and runautomationscripts and every browser has different drivers to run the tests. multiple drivers are IE Driver, internet explorer Driver, firefox Driver, Chrome factor, et cetera.

    Selenium WebDriver was travelling to negate limitations of Selenium RC, that offers enhanced support for web pages where the elements on a page change without reloading. Many browsers support selenium WebDriver and it uses each browser’s native support for hands free operation testing. The features are supported and direct calls are made based on the browser that is being used.

    WebDriver Project depends on the programming language as well as the ‘development’ environment. Selenium supports multiple languages and projects can be set up using many programming languages. Selenium shows JavaScript bindings on npm. Java projects can be setup using Maven and it will download Java bindings and dependencies to create the project.

    Run pip install selenium from the command line to add selenium in a python surroundings. C bindings are there as part of a set of signed dlls and habbit dlls. You can get PHP bindings through organizations, IncludingChibimagicandFacebook. To add Selenium to your Ruby situation, Run gem install selenium web driver from your command line.

    Once you set up the community, The selenium webdriver is effective like a normal library. The selenium webdriver can self sustain as to become alarmed to run any installers or process before using it.

    Writing a Script for Selenium acceleration

    let’s see how to launch a browser from the script. you should always have downloaded the selenium jar files and the third party drivers. To launch a technique, The first thing you decide to do is to create an object for web driver. Then use a get method to launch a new browser session and direct it to the URL per the parameters.

    Now you need the system pointing to the position of the downloaded exe file of your browser. Then provide the browser driver in the key and the path to the location of the browser exe file in the value. Here System is a build in class and setProperty is a technique to access the browser driver.

    Once the road is set, it is best to create an object for the WebDriver class. Hover the mouse on the highlighted value and then import from the list as we have previously added the jar files in the project.

    to receive the ID of any element in a web page like a button, view, organization logo, Textbox and, suitable click and select inspect. You will get the source code from that enable you to copy the ID to be used in the script. may use any other element locator for the script.

    Now mention the driver instance and select the findElement method from the WebDriver class. Then select the ID locator and mentions the value which we copied from the original source code. Use sendKeys to pass some value to particular web element.

    understanding Selenium IDE for Test Automation

    scampering test cases in Selenium IDE is easy. It is a Firefox plug in which motivates in recording the test and convert into code. There are multiple selections for running a [url=https://chinadating.wixsite.com/chnlove-real-or-fake]chnlove real or fake[/url] test case including a “use” Button to run the highlighted test case.

    each “offer All” Button is used to run the test cases in the test suite that are still loaded. often the “pause” Button allows pausing and restarting of a connecting test case. these people have a “swiftness” Button to take care of the speed of the test case runs. with all the current “list” Button you can record the actions taken in the browser.

    you can also use a base URL in selenium IDE to run test cases in multiple domains by mentioning a relative URL as the argument to open the test case.

    The table displays the command and their boundaries in a readable format. Whereas the command target and value fields display the currently selected command along with its issues. The log will show you any kind of error messages and information messages and in the reference, there can be the documentation of the selenium command currently used.

    ought to a simple HTML file and define your list of tests to define a test suite. Each row in the file should define the path to the tests your goal is add in the suite. You’ll find many ways to put these tools to use to improve the growth and testing processes.

    last but not least

    Enterprises are always looking to optimize therapy process and automation is one way to do it. Although it is very important use an effective tool for automation and Selenium automation testing is the best choice as it is open source and easy to use. Apart fromSelenium tests, you opt for advanced tools like pCloudy, Which has better features to make automatic testing smooth as butter.