Something is very wrong with this picture, right?

Right on the heels of the US announcing they’re talking to the Taliban, comes news that they’ve opened lines of dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood. Now the EU, just as they did with Obama’s despicable take-Israel’s-negotiating-leverage-away speech just before Netanyahu’s visit, is following the US lead and announcing that they are also open to discussions with this hateful, hate-filled, murderous, West-hating, “caliphate”-loving group.

Which reminds me, this is also the Administration that fought the economic downturn by providing massive support to the banks and Wall Street giants that brought the economy to its knees while paying lip service to assistance to homeowners and the unemployed who were and are the real victims of this scandal perpetrated by the banks and Wall Street. We can see the effects of this foolish strategy with the increasing foreclosure crisis, unemployment crisis, weakness of the so-called recovery of the US economy and returned profits and strength of the banks and of Wall Street.

The good news is that Jewish support for Obama is down to 60%. Let’s hope there are plenty of Jewish and non-Jewish Democratic donors who leave the fold before this administration causes any more harm to the USA or to Israel. That’s right folks, a rabbit throwing darts at a board is going to offer superior leadership to what we’ve seen with this administration, so let them be a one term disaster. Please!

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  • Damn it feels great to say, “I told you so” like every other day. Now have a great time putting that genie back in the bottle. There was a stat that 2/3rds of Democrat donations cone from Jews, so I guess we can almost directly thank American Jews for this wonderful gift. Thanks guys!

  • Yeah, yeah. In my defense, I will note that I supported Hillary! And I will note that the previous Republican administration sucked.

  • Haha. You think I thought McCain/Palin were going to be great or even good in office? No. I was merely trying to avert this disaster, and I got called a racist for it. Not by you guys but by a bunch of open minded yentas. Sweet.

  • Yeah but you’re still calling this a “foolish strategy” rather than admitting it’s gone beyond the errors of appeasement and well into the territory of ideological confession.

    Once the administration outright lied about who and what the Muslim Brotherhood are, they sided with regional goals that include oppression, and genocide. Sounds dire, because it is, and downplaying that reality is just sticking ones head in the sand.

  • I have a hard time accepting that this is “ideological confession.” That’s the realm of the conspiracy mongers. You know, you can explain what he’s doing by simply accepting the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is going to play a very important role in the new Egyptian government and Egypt is an important Middle East player and investment as far as the US is concerned. If they lied about them, this is for political cover, not because Obama wants a caliphate.

    I am claiming this is morally wrong, especially for the US which needs to lead the world in the fight against the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood, but instead has now opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood to be treated like a regular ol’ political organization instead of the monstrous entity they are.

    • “If they lied about them”…. ??

      Okay what? I’d ask you if you knew who the MB are, but you’re clearly aware. We agree, we’re talking about a terrorist, caliphate organization.

      Are you saying that it’s been valid for a US President to play dumb? Obviously neither the US nor Israel can cut off Egyptian relations, and void treaties, but they can be held accountable for handing over land to Hamas and then enabling their parent company to overthrow Egypt…both of which lead to the predictable outcomes all in the face of the same lame denials. It doesn’t take a weatherman to know the Muslim Brotherhood ties to Marxists, amongst other radical ideologies.

      I’m not saying Obama is a “secret Muslim”, but I am saying we have a President who is the product of the propaganda and fundraising arms of the PLFP, and Marxist era PLO.

      • To clarify…by “product”, I don’t mean a Manchurian product, I mean a product of brainwashing, not to mention fiscal support.

  • “Hussein” in 08 = conspiracy mongers. “Hussein” in 09 = prideful tolerant supporters.

  • i don’t get it
    what do u want from Obama to do?
    why Jewish hate’em now?
    he’s trying to make the two state solution, isn’t that what Jewish want?
    some one please answer me.

  • The good news for the Netanyahu government is that Obama’s political weakness will dissuade him from further pseudo-peacemaking– unless he’s re-elected, of course. Obama seems intent on a Rove-style, get-out-the-base campaign strategy. So expect plenty of suck-up gestures to liberal Jews. We’ve seen some of that already.

    It’s amazing how little we have to show for the last four years. Obama has accomplished… what?

    Well, maybe he can get President Assad to act like the reformer we all know him to be.

      • What’s his campaign slogan? “Obama: ‘Cause things would’ve been even worse without me”?

          • It has the advantage of being unverifiable…. Don’t you wonder what’s going through Hillary’s mind these days? Is she really happy to be associated with this mess? Or does she stick around to keep people like Robert Gates company, as one of the few adults in the room?

          • Excellent question. She’s trapped, though. If she criticizes or leaves, she undermines all of their efforts.

  • i don’t get it either.
    You yourself want Israel to give away land to Hamas and the PLO. What is the difference?

  • So any person in Israel or outside of it who believes that eventually a two state or a state and autonomous enclave next door solutions are a necessity is in agreement with Obama? I guess that includes Bibi Netanyahu, right Josh?

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