New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took time off from his busy schedule to wish Google a happy Bar Mitzvah. Google was founded 13 years ago by MOTs Sergei Brin and Larry Page. I don’t know if this occasion was marked by a celebration of some kind – awkward speeches, parents, grandparents and family members walking in to light 13 candles in honor of the Bar Mitzvah boy, awkward dancing etc. – but I do know of a couple of Jews who did have a sort of celebration recently.

The Jews I’m talking about are SNL comedian Andy Samberg and facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who hammed it up onstage at facebook’s F8 developers conference-slash-nerdathon. Samberg came on pretending to be Zuckerberg, fooling none of the fanboys in attendance I’m sure, and made some suggestions, ie The slow poke – takes 24 hours to deliver and can be rescinded at any time in case of drunkenness – that made more sense than the new scrolling ticker or timeline features of facebook. Here’s a video of the performance:

Feh. Nerds. Facebook will be celebrating its Bar Mitzvah in 6 years. Hopefully Mike Bloomberg will be retired from politics by then.

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