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  • I think is not correct but assuming it could be true who are the SS ? the women ? the congressmen who approved abortion ? men forcing women to abortion even in an indirect way ? and finally in the case this means USA ( with abortion law ) = Third Reich ?
    No definitely I think is not correct

  • Sorry – forgot to add that Clauses 312-321 of the 1977 Israeli penal code allow abortion if pregnancy was conceived out of marriage .

    Now if we compare abortion to the Holocaust we should reach some incredible conclusions.
    Image if some Islamist – who surely do not support abortion- use such argument to add an evidence that Israel is nazist.

  • This is fucked up, offensive and doesn’t even represent the position of Judaism. A foetus, according to Rashi, is viewed as only a potential life. Someone who murders a pregnant woman is guilty of only one murder. A foetus is nothing like an actual living human being marched off to a gass chamber. This movie sucks and shows only how easy it is to manipulate simpletons who have never even heard of Hitler. To answer your question, it sure is offensive and manipulative to compare the Holocaust to abortion. Why would you even put this garbage up?

    • It actually is all humans have rights even ones that arent born

  • Ray Comfort, the host of this video, as a Jesus loving Messianic nutbar is about as Jewish as my nose boogers. Comparing abortion to the Holocaust is fallacious and deeply offensive. All this movie demonstrates is how easy it is to manipulate people who are so ignorant that they have little or no idea who Hitler was. This video is trash.

  • I was thinking he was probably a Messianic Christian posing as a Jew. I couldn’t figure out what a Jewish person was doing pushing this agenda.

    Having said that, I’m afraid your analogy doesn’t quite work since your nose boogers are, by definition, those of a Jewish person.

  • But the nose boogers themselves are not Jewish.

    Did you not watch this video? Did you miss the whole sinner/Jesus part?

    This video is crap.

  • Um, I kinda stopped watching when I realized they had turned the Holocaust into abortion. Sorry, must I watch idiotic propaganda all the way through to the end?

  • Well yes, if you’re going to post a video, you should watch it. You totally missed all the Jesus bullshit which was slipped in towards the end! Also the part where they ask people to spread the video far and wide – which you did for them. Not one of your finer posts TM.

    Also as a point of interest, you don’t need to post the embed code anymore. Just post the URL and the theme will automatically embed it at the right size. This works with hundreds of video sharing sites btw.

  • This video isn’t even worth posting/ discussing. It is utterly worthless garbage, not fit for a place of intelligent discourse. Put the dude who posted this on posting probation!


  • The Holocaust involve killing vast numbers of living human being for no reason other than that they were Jewish (or in a vastly smaller number of cases, members of the Roma (aka “Gypsies) or gay people). Abortion does not kill a living human being and it is almost always done for a good reason. So there is no legitimate comparison.

    But is the comparison offensive? It certainly offends my sense of truth. Is it specifically offensive to Jews? I’m Jewish and I am used to hearing trivial uses of the Holocaust. So it does not really bother me. But it probably offends many people who experienced the Holocaust or who have lost close friends or relatives in it.

  • Actually it has been scientifically proven that life begins at conception. The baby is not dead while in the womb, it is as much alive as you and me. Honestly the only reason that Abortion should not be compared to the Holocaust is because Abortion has killed over 10 times MORE people than the Holocaust in The States alone! And whats worse Abortion is LEGAL! Abortion is the sick and depraved murdering of innocent children. Could you honestly look at your child(if you have one) in the face and tell them that a few months/years ago you were a worthless piece of tissue? If you can you are sick sick sick sick person.

    • SF: Judaism distinguishes between “life” and “potential life.” One of our greatest sages, Rashi, ruled in the case of a man who murdered a pregnant woman, that only one murder had been committed because the fetus was not possessed of life but only potential life – it would not be able to live independently outside its mother’s womb. That’s the law that even Jesus followed. The comparison between the holocaust and abortions is so stupid it merits no further discussion, only derision and ridicule toward those who ignorantly make such comparisons.

  • I Believe that anyone on here complaining is a potetial murerer. Don’t have sex if the kid is going to end up being killed. It is crude and evil.