Look, I don’t want Obama as President of the USA. He coddles the criminals who brought us to the brink of a depression, he does a poor job of running this economy, his foreign policy has to be one of the worst to ever be conducted by any administration and he has made many mistakes regarding Israel and its neighbors.

However, based on what the Republicans have done over the past several months, it seems almost certain that Obama will win re-election. There will simply be far too many American who are going to vote against the Republicans just for the principle of showing them.

The Republicans right now are giving Romney, their best bet because he’s a stable moderate with a strong track record in business and politics, the cold shoulder. He simply can’t get the hard-core party members who take the primaries seriously to support him in large numbers. This suggests that he won’t be strongly supported if he receives the nomination. Theoretically, he could be Obama’s most serious challenger, but it looks like the Republicans keep looking for alternatives. A tepid party behind a nominee guarantees a loss in the election. McCain is an example of this.

The Republicans are warming up to Gingrich, but he’s a loose cannon who talks openly of using force against the judiciary if it doesn’t rule according to his views. I doubt he could win the nomination, but if he becomes the candidate, Obama will crush him by playing up his inconsistencies, his infidelities, and his rabid views. He’ll simply scare America into rejecting him.

Right now it looks as if none of the other candidates can pull themselves out of the pack, although Ron Paul may pull an upset. Ron Paul could be dangerous for Obama but I think he’s got enough baggage that Obama will defeat him. I also just don’t see him getting the nomination in the first place. Who is left? Right now, nobody. Perry, Bachman and Santorum are too far to the right or just too stupid, Huntsman is running for VP, not P, and Palin isn’t even bothering.

But that isn’t what’s going to make Obama a second term Prez. What’s going to do it is that the Republicans are bad for the USA.

The Republicans seem so obsessed with destroying Obama’s presidency, much like they tried with Clinton, that they’ve forgotten that their job is to represent their districts and their voters, not only their benefactors. This is why in July they brought the US economy unnecessarily to a halt and damaged the American credit rating over the debt ceiling debate. There was no reason to go there and even if there was, this had to be one of the worst times ever to try. The economy, in shambles, was finally beginning to pick up steam, and over an ideological fight, these jokers put the USA on a cliff and actually pushed it over. Yes, they pulled everyone back at the last minute, but the recklessness of the move made the economy move backward for several months and damaged many businesses which were beginning to see some light.

The Republicans repeated their stupidity this week by refusing to come to a deal that would have extended critical middle class tax breaks, critical medicare and medicaid subsidies and critical unemployment benefits. First they fought this by decrying the Democratic attempt to pay for the extension by taxing the well under-taxed wealthiest of the wealthiest Americans. Forget the 1%, this tax might have hit the 0.1% of Americans. Yet there they were, the Republicans, ready to protect that sliver of the population which doesn’t need protecting or tax relief. Then, the Dems relented on the tax break for the wealthiest but demanded the breaks be maintained, at least for the next two months. The Republicans refused.

According to one NPR report, a Republican congressman was quoted as saying this was a game of high stakes poker. It’s very nice that he can play poker with people’s livelihoods – people who are desperate – and it’s nice that he can play poker with the economy which benefits from the small amount of money these tax breaks and benefits provide. However, he and the rest of the Republicans in Congress can rest quietly knowing that today they sealed their fate as a party in 2012.

They have opened the door wide for the Democrats not only to win back many seats in Congress, but almost certainly the presidency. After all, Obama has been playing it for months that he’s trying to create jobs and the Republicans have been helping him show that they’re the party of obstruction. And they won’t be able to make the claim that they did it because they are fiscally responsible. Any party that does what they did in July and again this past week is not just the enemy of the US economy, but the enemy of every family and every person who is not wealthy – and even some of those folks have been harmed.

Oh, and by the way, unless Europe has a meltdown, the US economy will show growth and some recovery this year which will be reflected in Obama’s voter response in November.

The Jewish community should take heed. This is going to be a Democratic second term and possibly also a very strong showing in the Houses. It is unwise to attack this administration so fervently that if they are re-elected they feel as if they can ignore Jewish support and supporters.

Oh, and the Israeli government should take note. A second-term Obama will feel quite free to let loose on Israel in a way that we all suspect he would have already if it weren’t for his concern about Jewish voters and supporters leaving him in 2012. A second-term President has nothing to lose in his last couple of years and just as Bush thought he could cram everything related to the Arab-Israeli attempts at peace into his last 18 months in office, Obama is likely to experiment with his views. And he’s not an admirer of Israel.

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  • I wonder if you are living in the same country you seem to be writing about:

    Matt Damon rips President Obama in Elle magazine: A prez with ‘some balls’ would have been better…

    Matt Damon doesn’t have much goodwill left for President Obama.
    The Oscar-award winning actor — who had once been a staunch supporter of the commander-in-chief — is lashing out at the President in a new Elle magazine interview, declaring he needs to grow a pair of cajones.
    “I’ve talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grassroots level. One of them said to me, ‘Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politican,'” Damon told the publication. “You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better.”


  • Right, and who is Matt Damon going to vote for instead? Gingrich?

    I am so right that today the Republicans in Congress announced that they are planning to vote for the extension. When explaining why, Boehner all but spit out “BECA– USE EVERYBODY IS TELLING US WE’RE GONNA GET KILLED IN THE ELECTION.” He didn’t, though. He just said, “We fought the good fight.” In other words, “this was stupid and now we’re going to back off and claim we didn’t just do what we actually did do.”

    Obama and the Dems are going to play this for all its worth. And it’s worth re-election.

  • We’ve never lived in such anti-democratic times when the egoistic and failed incumbent side plays up that ‘no one can be me, so don’t bother even trying’.

  • What are you talking about? There’s about to be a massive, extremely expensive election season coming up. This IS democracy in action.

    The Republicans should have been able to squash Obama and instead they keep shooting themselves in the foot so that now it’s going to be far more challenging. If you know anything about American elections over the past couple of decades, you’d know that incumbents – not just presidents, but also in Congress and the Senate – have an extremely high re-election rate and that challengers have a tough time competing. I think the Senate was at about 97% re-election for non-open seats.

    The last mid-term was an anomaly, brought on in large part by significant anger at the state of the economy. However, it was the exception that proves the rule, defeating an incumbent is always extremely tough, with the exception typically taking place during times of severe economic hardship.

    This lesson was learned by Bush Sr. And it WAS going to be learned again by Obama. The Republicans screwed up and are now going to have to fight much harder with their odds of winning diminishing by the day. It is, in fact, democracy in action. If they weren’t so stupid with their extremist actions on virtually every bill that involves the economy, and if they aren’t able to see that Romney is the only candidate they have with an ability to attract independent voters and who could present himself as mature and stable, they would be able to show up Obama easily. Instead, they’ve turned Romney into the apparent victim of their extremism and it looks like their candidate will have a challenging time.

  • Unless a candidate challenges him on his Constitutional ineligibility for not being a “natural born citizen” (& no major candidate has or will), Obama wins. Alternatively, the GOP establishment could wake up & start supporting Ron Paul, & that would be the best chance for a defeat of Obama.

  • Ah yes, Ron Paul. And how will Paul, who can’t even break through the pack among the Republicans, plan on beating Obama?

  • More importantly, how exactly will Paul be a better President, at least in terms of Israel/ Middle-East policy than the already dismal Obama?

  • The US public hasn’t decided to fire Obama- yet. But look at the history of the 1980 election, a Reagan landslide that took shape very late in the campaign (and after the single presidential debate that year).

    I disagree about Romney’s prospects. His 2011 has made a very eloquent case for converting to Mormonism. One after another of his competitors has self-destructed. And the best GOP candidates stayed on the sidelines. if Christie or Daniels had entered the race, they might be trouncing Mitt by now.

    Even today, with Iowa a couple of weeks off, the fringe candidates, Santorum, Bachmann et al., fight on to divide the social-conservative vote, keep Perry safely at bay, and enhance Romney’s shot at a surprise victory. If he wins Iowa and New Hampshire, he’s de facto got the nomination.

    Remember, Obama will be opposing Romney and not the Congressional Republicans. Romney’s been shrewd enough to steer clear of the wrangling in DC. I have pretty mixed views about him, but I believe he will be a strong general election candidate– stronger than McCain, for example. This may be the hard part for Mitt, dealing with the Tea Party and social conservative types in the GOP. Once he’s the nominee, expect him to tack strongly to the center.

    In the end, economic numbers will tell the story. The public will either see some hope for improvement, benefiting Obama, or hire Romney to get us out of the ditch. The odds favor the latter, at least at this point.

  • Leave Obama alone–when he came into office, he had a full plate. It takes time to restore this country after all the bullshit we edured the last 10years!!!!

    • Tanya, unfortunately, Obama has caused more trouble that will take 50 years and your pension to solve.

  • Ron Paul 2012!

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Ghandi

  • Привет!Мне нравится,что я дожила до времени, когда USA имеет президента такого уровня как Абама.

  • https://jewlicious.com/2011/12/its-time-to-accept-that-obama-will-be-a-two-term-president/#com-head

    I see another democratic win. So much so I will vote democratic first time in my life. My wife will either not vote or vote republican. Either way she will lose or get blamed for republicans losing by her not voting. I see a meteor hit the earth. I see bombs explode at the boston marathon. I see pain, suffering, travail, and new life. The cow jumping over the moon, Jack catches fire jumping over the candlestick. The world gets colder before it gets warmer.