Possible Routes, Source: The New York Times

Sabre rattling against Iran; Iranian attacks on Israelis in Thailand* (almost), India, and Georgia; meetings between defense leaders and diplomats; and economic sanctions are heightening the possibilities for overt, direct military actions by Israel against Iran. Feel out of the loop? Want to feel like the Defense Minister and hear from a panel of experts? Then check out the panel being put together on March 7 at 15:00 (London Time), by IHS Jane’s, the publisher of the worldwide defense news and analysis.

The panel will be building scenarios for a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. You will learn words like yellocake, enrichment, and heavy water – sounds like a recipe for Wonder Bread, or worse.

Analysts will review air routes and defense and detection systems. Does Israel have enough refueling tankers to carry out this mission? Is this a mission that would require 5 jets and pilots… or over 100?

Using satellite imagery and the latest information on Israeli and Iranian military capabilities, experts from Jane’s will assess: which Iranian facilities might be targeted by Israel (the uranium enrichment facilities at Natanz and Fordo, the heavy-water reactor at Arak and the yellowcake-conversion plant at Isfahan); the aircraft types that are required, the types or munitions and bombs needed, and the routes that Israel could use to strike Iran (straight over Jordan and Iraq? south over Saudi Arabia? north over Turkey?). What are Iran’s air defenses? Does Iran have up to date electronic warfare capabilities? Will special ground forces be need to infiltrate Iran to support the air strike? Does Israel even have any bombs that could penetrate a reinforced underground facility?

I feel like Ehud Barak already (But at that price, I think I will just wait to read the transcripts online)

* Thankfully, Thai prostitutes helped to stop the plot in Thailand.

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