What to do after your Birthright Trip, or just something cool to do while in Israel
This might be the cheesiest thing to say ever, but I’m going to say it anyway with the utmost sincerity: Livnot U’Lehibanot is a once in a lifetime experience that lasts for a lifetime.

I cannot find enough words to describe the positive impact Livnot has made on my life. The volunteer experiences leave you feeling like you are a part of the history of an already ancient city whether it is building a park, hanging out with new Ethiopian immigrants, or doing arts and crafts with enigmatic people older than the state of Israel herself! The integration with locals makes you feel at home and the staff right on campus truly becomes your family. The Livnot experience doesn’t have off hours when you arrive back to campus from a day of hiking or volunteering, it goes with you to lunch where the local Yemenite pizza maker gives you a discount because “Oh! You’re with Livnot!!” Let’s not forget the great hikes, which leave you with not only a deeper appreciation for the land of Israel, but also for yourself because we never miss an opportunity to learn and grow along the way.

Livnot won’t just follow you to your lunch break in Tzfat, it will follow you back home to your community, and thanks to alumni connecting initiatives, you can be connected to past Livnoters all around the world and maybe even right next door. That is why I like to call this program ‘leave-not’…because (and here comes the cheese again) the experience stays with you forever.

By K Bernstein: Lover of spontaneous adventures, Bananagrams, and teal paint.

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  • I’m really excited to see LIvnot represented here. It’s a fairly small and not known enough program offered to many in Israel. My experiences at Livnot were so amazing. Tzfat is such a cool city/ I’m very happy i was able to live there for 2 weeks! Livnot is so excepting and relaxed. I learned so much while making memories with my fellow chaver there. I signed up for 3 programs this summer including Livnot. I wish i did not make that mistake. By far Livnot is the best of the three. if you’re interested in extending birthright/taglit or doing a program in Israel, seriously, call up Livnot!!!