The Friends of Yad Sarah created a new Facebook page, and to inaugurate it they created a cool Father’s Day App. See the graphic above? That’s what a Father’s Day card made by Albert Einstein would look like. Neat right? All in service of spreading the word about Yad Sarah. What is Yad Sarah?

Yad Sarah is the leading volunteer-staffed organization in the State of Israel. With the assistance of over 6,000 volunteers in more than 100 locations, Yad Sarah provides help to over 400,000 people every year, addressing the home and health care needs of the frail and the disabled as well as victims of terror, children with special needs, and the homebound.

If you need crutches, or a wheelchair or any kind of special medical equipment, and you can’t afford it, Yad Sarah is there to help. Everyone here knows about Yad Sarah, and the work they do is invaluable. They’re reliable, dependable and kind. Like Dad. So go ahead and “Like” Yad Sarah’s page. Use the Father’s Day app and let the world know why your Dad is the world’s best Jewish Dad. Spread the word. Kudos to Friends of Yad Sarah for using Facebook so well!

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