It’s a very simple proposition. Sarah Silverman has offered to scissor 78-year old billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson “to fruition” if, instead of donating $100 million to the Romney campaign, he donates it to Obama. See the video below:

Folks everywhere are claiming that Adelson’s support for Romney is based on the notion that Obama is the less pro-Israel candidate. I imagine that it’s just a coincidence that Obama supports the legalization of online gambling and Romney opposes it. Of course Adelson is free to spend his money as he likes within the confines of the law. It’s just like how George Soros can also spend his money any way he likes. I wonder if the usual right wing suspects, opposed to Soros’ pernicious agenda that supports stuff like education, libraries, free speech, art and culture, are equally critical of Adelson’s use of his money?

Somehow I doubt it.

We fully support Sarah Silverman’s creative way of critiquing the excesses of money politics in the US. Of course there is no way Adelson will ever take Silverman up on her offer, but I wonder if the geniuses at Jewschool who wrote three posts critiquing our much milder, totally non-sexist fundraiser, will also condemn Sarah Silverman for misogyny and supporting the patriarchy.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Though if you do want to support the Jewlicious Festival, by all means learn more about our fundraiser here. If however you want to support a Presidential candidate whose co-religionists continue to retroactively convert Jewish Holocaust victims to Mormonism, then, well, go ahead.

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