…and tell him to vote for Obama!

This is yet another pro-Obama viral video from Schlep Labs and the Jewish Council for Education and Research. Those are the folks behind Sarah Silverman’s Webby Award winning Great Schlep video from 2008, as well as a whole slew of Jew themed pro Obama videos for the upcoming elections from Obama on Israel to Samuel L. Jackson and Adam Mansbach’s Wake The Fuck Up to Sarah Silverman’s Let My People Vote and her modest proposal to Romney Supporter Sheldon Adelson.

This video features ROI alum and singer songwriter Michelle Citrin, no stranger to viral video success, urging her Zeyde (Grandfather) to vote for Obama. Her grandparents are in the important swing state of Florida where the race is currently too close to call. Florida has 29 Electoral College votes up for grabs, but with Obama making great headway in Wisconsin and Ohio, well… Florida is becoming less and less important. Still though, wasn’t that video fun???

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