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10) Make the talentless people who insist on singing and/or playing musical instruments in public places like the Shuk or Ben Yehuda St. for charity pay the passersby money in compensation instead of taking money. Some of them are really bad.

9) Make the owners of Binyan Clal give the exterior a make over and redesign the interior of the eye sore (both inside and out) or make them tear it down.

8) Get someone to build a descent multiplex movie theater with all the latest technology.

7) Make the Sephardic Haredim wear white hats instead of black so we can tell the difference between the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim.

6) Ban Birthright groups from going to Mahane Yehuda on Fridays. It’s almost impossible to navigate the shuk on Fridays because of them and every restaurant/falafel stand is over crowded.

5) Impose heavy fines on people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk and then act like you are the one with chutzpah for blocking their way when they come up from behind you. Also, sentence people who ride motorcycles/mopeds/vespas on the sidewalk, no matter how slowly, to long prison terms.

4) Get the police to stop laying in ambush for jay walkers and instead lay in ambush for people spray painting graffiti and then sentence those people to working cleaning up litter and painting over graffiti (at their own expense).

3) Make men caught urinating in public (not in the bushes away from people at night but in broad daylight in front of people) walk around town ringing a bell and wearing a sandwich board admitting what they did.

2) Ban so called vacation apartments in the neighborhoods. Tourists should stay in hotels and not in apartments in my building or in small houses in Nachlaot. In addition to the nuisance, it takes away homes where normal people could live and thereby drives up the rents.

1) Do Away with the Light Rail and let buses use the bridge to ease congestion at the city’s entrance.

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Gil Tanenbaum made aliyah from New York after he completed college. He Has lived in Israel for over 20 years. He has an MBA from Bar Ilan University and is a contributor for various blogs.

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  • Notes:
    9. Binyan Klal should be torn down
    8. Multiplex will open soon near Binyanei Ha Uma
    7. Ban all Sephardic “Haredim.” No more Menchem Mendel Amzallag. No more Chaya Mushka Toledano. It’s unnatural. And wrong.
    6. Because Birthright Groups go to the shuk on Friday, it means they spend Shabbat in Jerusalem. I am willing to make that sacrifice. Also the talent at the shuk on Friday’s is wo nelly!
    5. Riding a bike is always a good thing
    2. Actually essential to saving Jerusalem. Cities that are properly run have zoning laws for a reason. We should be a city that serves it’s population not Tourists.
    1. Nah man. Light Rail’s cool. They should have another line on Agripas…