Meet William Ghassemi. William is a 10-year-old boy living in the picturesque English town of Tamworth where he attends the Dorsthill Community Primary School. Like other elementary schools, the educators at Dorsthill try their best to inspire their charges by making learning fun. And what’s more fun than dressing up in costumes? I’m pretty sure that’s what little William was thinking when his school announced the “Fire & Flames” World War II commemoration event where students were encouraged to to dress in the style of World War II participants. William, described by his Mum as “history mad,” decided to attend the event as the war’s ultimate villain, Adolf Hitler.

Eric Cartman HitlerFor some odd reason, and despite the fact that the children weren’t instructed about what was and wasn’t appropriate to wear, William’s teachers made him wash off his Hitler mustache and remove his home made swastika armband. William’s Mum was not pleased with the treatment accorded her son – “He had put a lot of thought into being Hitler and had not done it as a joke…” Apparently William hadn’t seen South Park’s season one episode called “Pinkeye.” In that episode Eric Cartman showed up at school on Halloween dressed as Hitler as well, in a costume his mother made for him. Eric’s teachers were also not pleased and he was forced to watch a video called “That Guy Hitler” which concluded with the admonition, voiced by Puffy the Bear who stated “So remember kids , dressing up like Hitler in school isn’t cool.” Principal Victoria then made Eric a quickie ghost costume to cover up his Hitler attire. Unfortunately, Eric emerged from her office looking more like a Klansman than a ghost.

Thus, I hope we’ve all learned something today. I think the lesson is that if we want to avoid the prats and pitfalls that life throws our way, we should all watch South Park. And our children should also especially watch it.

Yes, I know that Prince Harry also famously once wore a Nazi uniform at a costume party. And that his brother William and Sister in law Kate’s wedding date is the same as Hitler’s wedding date. Yeah so what about it? I made the connection ok? But I didn’t do it in a clever manner because there’s nothing clever about Hitler.

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  • Good article. Just thought you should know it was actually Prince Harry that dressed like a twat, er I mean like a Nazi.

    • Duly noted (and corrected). Remind me to beat on our fact checking department when they walk into the office on Monday!

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  • hitler was a amazing man he made millionds of jews toast so stfu you racist biggot.