So I finally got to see the movie Jewtopia. Unfortunately!

I beseech you with all my heart. If you have not yet seen this movie, don’t!

To call it an insult to Jews would be the ultimate of all understatements!

I don’t think that this movie was ever actually released in theaters. That’s how bad it is. For a comedy it had no jokes whatsoever. You know that a comedy is desperate when it resorts to mocking a character’s stomach problems.

I won’t do Jewtopia the dignity of actually reviewing it as a movie. I will, however, explain to you why it is such an insult to Jews everywhere.

Many Jews in the entertainment industry are nothing more than Jewish Uncle Toms. They do whatever they can to mock their own religion and attack Israel. Woody Allen is notorious for this.

Maybe this is why no one ever makes any movies that are really about Jews and Judaism.

Jewtopia purports to be making some kind of statement on the Jewish experience in America. It does this by providing shallow and degrading characterizations of Jews. Two such characters are the parents of Jennifer Love Hewitt – not a Jew but she plays one here. Hewitt has met a man who pretends to be Jewish just so that she will date him.

Wow, what a funny idea for a romantic comedy. It is so nice when movie makers rehash the same screenplay over and over again for romantic comedies. You know! The one where boy lies to girl for whatever the reason, then boy falls in love with girl and needs to cover up the lie at all costs. Then girl discovers the lie and breaks up with boy. Then something happens and they kiss and make up and live happily ever after.

The other atrocious story line revolves around the boy’s Jewish friend who coaches him in how to pretend to be Jewish. I won’t even list any of the insulting stereotypes that this entails.

The same friend does not really want to marry the neurotic Jewish girl to whom he is engaged. (She is played by Jamie Lynn Sigler in her first major role since the Sopranos ended.) You see, the friend is suffering from a childhood trauma from when his mother told him that he had an obligation to the Jewish people to only ever marry someone Jewish whether he likes it or not.

So what will any non-Jews think if they see this movie? They will think that all Jews are:
1 – Neurotic.
2 – Stupid.
3 – Racist for irrationally insisting that their children only marry Jews even when they are not religiously observant.
4 – All Jewish families are dysfunctional.
5 – Being concerned about marrying within your religion is stupid as Jennifer Love Hewitt agrees to marry the boy even after she finds out that he’s not Jewish and the Jewish friend leaves his fiancé and gets engaged to a non-Jewish woman.

Oh no! Did I just give away the ending of this movie? Good!!!!!!!!!

Jewtopia is the first feature film from writer/director Brian Fogel who wrote the play on which it was based. Supposedly the play was a huge hit off Broadway and around the world. I’m sure that it was popular among the many American Jews who have barely had any Jewish education or real Jewish identity in their lives.

If you are not a Jew and you ever see Jewtopia, please, please, please, do not be fooled into thinking that it is in any way an honest portrayal of Jews.

BTW – if you do not trust my judgment on this movie then you can see how it rated all of 10% at Rotten Tomatoes.

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Gil Tanenbaum made aliyah from New York after he completed college. He Has lived in Israel for over 20 years. He has an MBA from Bar Ilan University and is a contributor for various blogs.


  • get over it, Koshervalley has been trashing Christianity for decades now, now you know how it feels when your own kind even get sick of your demented talmudic laws.

  • I agree with The Merchant. Due to the existance of Free Will,I recognize NO religion as reality….and therefore Jews are NOT the “chosen” people (there IS no such thing as that.) I thought the movie was great,especially the part of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    I believe that there WAS a God who created this world,then LEFT. The rest happened because of evolution. Also,centuries ago,mankind must have had “visitors” (space people.) What happened was a la Eric von Danniken (the people MISTOOK the alien visitors for “gods”) This is where all religious MYTHS must have come from.

  • Who cares about who is or is not a Jew?
    I’m not racist! I love all people!
    Damn! I see so much racist shit in this country!
    Next Topic!

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