Jon Stewart is an asshole!

There I said it.

In his show last night Stewart dealt with the issue of president Obama’s not having attended the mass rally held in Paris on Sunday to show solidarity against terrorism. Leaders from all over the world attended, but there was no official representation on the part of the American government. While there may have been good reason for the President not to go, neither Vice-President Biden nor Secretary of State Kerry attended either.

Stewart went through a list of countries that were represented at the rally; even though, they have poor records themselves when it comes to freedom of speech. He cited Russia and Turkey who have jailed people for publishing political cartoons in the past.

And what should come as a surprise to no one, Stewart also took the opportunity to slam Israel by including it in the list of nefarious nations. He said that even political cartoonist jailing Israel was represented at the rally, without, of course, saying a word about how Jews were targeted specifically in the second Paris attack on Thursday.

As he mentioned Israel, a graphic on the screen briefly revealed the source of his information about Israel jailing Arab cartoonists just for the content of their work. It was a report by Aljazeera from June of last year.

Good thing that a man who makes it his business to call out the media and politicians when they get their facts wrong went to the trouble to double check his sources. Of course everyone in the world knows how reliable Aljazeera is when it comes to its reporting on Israel.

For the record, the story that Aljazeera reported on was about a man named Mohammad Saba’aneh who only happens to have drawn cartoons. But his work had nothing to do with his arrest. Israeli authorities detained him for 5 months because he admittedly collected money in Jordan for his brother, an avowed Hamas terrorist who is in an Israeli prison.

Saba’aneh claimed that he did not know what the money was for but did not deny bringing it to Israel from Jordan.

As if the above was not proof enough of what an incredible asshole Jon Stewart is when it comes to anything having to do with Israel, he doubled down during his interview with Jimmy carter in the second half of the show.

When discussing last week’s terrorist murders in Paris the two men made no mention of the attack that was specifically directed against Jews. But Carter did say that it only happened – both attacks – because of the ongoing Arab-Israel conflict. Stewart concurred.

So let’s recap.

The attacks were not the result of some very evil people who want to kill anyone who ever dares to mock their religion and in fact would kill anyone in the world who refuses to convert to Islam.

It was Israel’s fault.

The murder of four Jews by Muslim terrorists was not because they hate Jews, always have and always will.

It was Israel’s fault.

Stewart does not get to explain this one away as his being just critical of what Israel does because he truly believes that it is wrong and not because he just plain hates Israel.

Stewart does not get to do a shtick on his show tonight making fun of any criticism that he gets from Jews for what he said last night like he did during last summer’s conflict in Gaza.

The man who eats bacon on air with a smile, works on Yom Kippur and is married to a non-Jewish woman is a self-hating Jew who makes Woody Allen look like a Zionist.

Mr. Stewart you do not get to hide behind the fact that you were technically born a Jew to defend your actions. You have proven time and again that you are no expert on anything that has to do with foreign policy and that when it comes to Israel you are the best friend of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Mr. Stewart, you are an asshole!

If you are wondering why I watch his show at all it is for the same reason why I watched all of the excruciatingly bad episodes of The Honourable Woman last summer and sat through all of World War Z. I do it so that I can write about it and warn you about what not to see.

That’s right! I sacrifice myself for you dear readers. I’m just a very righteous man.

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Gil Tanenbaum made aliyah from New York after he completed college. He Has lived in Israel for over 20 years. He has an MBA from Bar Ilan University and is a contributor for various blogs.