Mecca Cola now available in Israel

Shalom!Mecca Cola, the official drink of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is now available in Israel. Mecca Cola, which gives 10% of its net profits to charities that benefit Palestinian children and another 10% to local charities, began in France (figures) in 2002 riding a wave of anti US and anti Zionist sentiment. It has been so successful that it has inspired counterfeits and imitators. Miqdad Idris, Mecca-Cola’s Israel company director had initiated the distribution of the product in Israel. “It is our right as Muslims to create an alternative to things that exist in the world”. Mecca Cola, which urges consumers “Don’t drink stupid, drink committed,” produces about 4 million 8 oz servings a month. Coca Cola produces 40 million an hour. Mecca Cola drinkers say it tastes like Pepsi.

Yum!I personally think that paying for and drinking any soda pop is stupid, no matter what the cause. But it got me thinking … As long as you’re all drinking this crap, how about a refreshing Cola beverage for the Jews? I mean the profit margins on selling sugary carbonated water must be HUGE! Click on the Jewlicious Cola logo to the left to see our first poster. Venture capitalists can send bucketloads of cash to ck@jewlicious.com. We’ll even give part of the profits to needy olim!

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