Shalom!Mecca Cola, the official drink of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is now available in Israel. Mecca Cola, which gives 10% of its net profits to charities that benefit Palestinian children and another 10% to local charities, began in France (figures) in 2002 riding a wave of anti US and anti Zionist sentiment. It has been so successful that it has inspired counterfeits and imitators. Miqdad Idris, Mecca-Cola’s Israel company director had initiated the distribution of the product in Israel. “It is our right as Muslims to create an alternative to things that exist in the world”. Mecca Cola, which urges consumers “Don’t drink stupid, drink committed,” produces about 4 million 8 oz servings a month. Coca Cola produces 40 million an hour. Mecca Cola drinkers say it tastes like Pepsi.

Yum!I personally think that paying for and drinking any soda pop is stupid, no matter what the cause. But it got me thinking … As long as you’re all drinking this crap, how about a refreshing Cola beverage for the Jews? I mean the profit margins on selling sugary carbonated water must be HUGE! Click on the Jewlicious Cola logo to the left to see our first poster. Venture capitalists can send bucketloads of cash to We’ll even give part of the profits to needy olim!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I personally know the author of the site to drink diet coke like a fiend be the greatest guy ever. As far as Mecca Cola vs. Jewlicious, let’s throw off the gloves and do it like coke and pepsi did: a proper double blind taste test.

  • Go To Burn in HeLL
    In Sha2 allah Macca Cole Will WiN
    لن تركع امه قادها النبى سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

    U HARAMIS!!!
    AND U KNOW IT!!!

  • Maybe Canada should be more careful with their immigration policies? The above rant originates in Vancouver, BC.

  • How do these idiots find this website? Do they spend their hours googling “Jew”?!?

    Jew Hater – what an eloquent piece of anti-semetic poetry. Your mother should be very proud.

  • I’d like to fie in hell. Fying sounds like a fun activity. It’s like frying minus “R”, so that would be frying without caloRies.

    Yael, off-topic, just thought of something: if you’ve got access to a Lidl supermarket, you might be able to get good frying oil there (I’ve read they sell the same range of products as in Germay). It hardly squirts and is low in cholesterol plus it handles heat well. It comes in large bottles of two litres and the price should range somewhere between two or three quid. You don’t need to completely fill a pot with oil; a few centimetres will do, just a little extra so that the pastries can float. The frying oil stores well in a cool and dark place, so a bottle that size will last you a for good while.

    Alternatively [these really aren’t bad at all]…

  • Yael has inspired me with her ruggelach gravatar. What I’d like to do is buy some Marzipan rugelach and then deep fry them. In hell or wherever, it don’t matter none – Gehena is just a hop skip and a jump from here. So anyway, how cool would that be? Deep fried marzipan rugelach. Mmmmm….

  • Froylein, thanks for the tip. I’ve yet to make a trip to Lidl, but I’ll need to go soon. Someone at my work brought in a spicy hummus from Lidl and it was fab.

    Ck, I think deep fried marzipan rugelach would be delicious. My friend always goes on about deep fried candy bars. Its a Scottish thing I think!

  • Yael, go for it. Lidl’s [and Aldi’s] policy is that if there are any complaints about a product, the product will be removed from the inventory plus the supplier will be changed, so internal standards are high [and they also live up to the petty German food laws]. Plus Lidl, a (Jewish) greengrocer in his early days, prides itself in a great, low-price choice of fruit and vegetables.

  • Hello all, I’m a muslim, and I want you to know that I don’t hate jews. If anything I hate zionists, not because they want their own country, but because it has caused the displacement of millions of Palestinians, both christian and muslim. And there are other ultra-orthodox jews (Dovod Weiss), and other people of importance (ex-Pres Jimmy Carter) who might agree with me.

    The point is, the previous people who commented have no real logic to their hate, and are angry at things like the apartheid in Palestine. It is against Islam to hate against a people’s religion, and there are jews and muslims in the world who get a long.

  • FYI,

    Harami is a word derived from the word Haram, meaning “Forbidden”. It is the antonym to the word Halal meaning “Accepted”, and its similar to the use of the word Kosher in Hebrew.

    Harami is therefore an adjective describing one who commits forbidden acts. The direct meaning in Arabic, is one who commits the forbidden act of stealing (i.e. a thief). The meaning in Hindi and Urdu(languages from India and Pakistan) is a person who is illegitimately conceived (i.e. a bastard).

    You can imagine the fights that happen when an Arab calls a Pakistani a harami.

    you’re friendly informational jew-hater

    (just kidding)

  • For your information, there is a jew cola. It comes out only during passover in america, normally. I buy it before the jews can get it; i love the sucrosity vs high fructosity ratio. That being 1:0

    • It’s regular coke from Mexico, made with sugar as opposed to corn syrup (the latter is used in US production cause it’s cheaper). The European variety also contains sugar. You may be able to stock it at Mexican / Latino groceries throughout the year.

  • allahu ekber allahu ekber la ilahe illahu vallahu ekber allahu ekber ve lillahil hamd

  • Antisemite cola? Hatred cola? Jihad cola?
    some people got nuts…
    But it is not new. Pepsi refused for years to sell its products in Israel for the same reasons…

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