I Can’t Believe Jewlicious Eight the Whole Thing

Danie, our erstwhile intern, put together this great video that will give you a good idea of what to expect at the upcoming Jewlicious Festival. Well sort of. A lot of the learning and serious stuff takes place on the Sabbath, far from intrusive cameras. So you might think Jewlicious is just a big party, which it is, but only in part. So yes, there will be Shabbat meals and learning sessions and Challah baking and pickle making along with the fun stuff – the music, the socializing, the frenetic interactions etc. Gah. This is so hard to explain. Watch the video. Or better yet, just join us in Long Beach from February 24-26 in Long Beach. Get all the details at Jewlicious8.com.

Yes, it is our 8th year in a row doing this, so we know what we’re doing. Yes it’s on a boat. A big ass boat! See ya there?

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