Happy Birthday, Israel! How About 64 More Reasons We Love You?

It’s Yom Ha’atzmaut!  At the time of this writing, it’s 1:27 AM in Israel and people are partying up a storm.  Sadly, I’m in California but I would bet a lifetime’s supply of free chumus that people are partying up a storm.  And why wouldn’t they be?  There’s no better time to be in Israel and celebrating than on the country’s birthday, and there’s no better time to turn 64 than now.

I present you my annual Yom Ha’atzmaut list, 64 MORE Things I Love About Israel.   Here’s a preview:

1. I love how Israelis can be completely indifferent to politics but will still argue about their favorite hummus place until they blow an artery.

8. I love how when you call a wrong number on Passover, they still say  “chag sameach!” before hanging up.

22. I love that even the post office clerks show their cleavage. It makes me wonder what the numbers you pull out of the machine get you.

44. I love that Wonder Woman is called “Ayshet Chayil” in Hebrew. What, is she cooking Shabbat dinner in her invisible jet?

Go read all 64!   Or read the previous years’ (60, 61, 62, and 63) here.  And wherever you are, chag sameach.  It’s time to party!

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