UN Ambassador GillermanIn a stunning development, the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly against Israel’s security fence. The vote was 150-6, with 10 abstentions. “Thank God that the fate of Israel and of the Jewish people is not decided in this hall,” said Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman. The General Assembly vote came in response to the June 9th ruling of The World Court which declared the fence in violation of international law.

In other international news, African Sudanese, tired of being raped, enslaved and murdered by Arab Janjaweed militiamen, are still waiting on the UN to do something about it. To date, it is estimated that 30,000 have been murdered and over 1 million forced to flee – reportedly with Sudanese government acquiescence. Oh wait, The World Court hasn’t issued a ruling on that yet. Oh well.

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  • Bah, the UN hasn’t been the same since it lost Kruschev banging his shoe on the table.

    Also we all miss the good old days when Arafat was allowed to tote guns in that impressive institution. I wonder if he had to hand his weapons to the guard at the door BEFORE he walked through the metal detector and then had them handed back to him, or did he just walk through arrogantly, ignoring the guard’s request while all the alarms sounded????


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