eat, eat!In an effort to break the will of hunger-striking jailed Palestinians, Israel is now engaged in psychological warfare, and grilling meat outside the prisoners cells.

The inmates demands include: an end to strip searches, more frequent family visits, and installation of public telephones, all of which security sources warn will simply make it easier for them to organize terrorist attacks on Israelis.

Israel just wants them to eat something already.

“Eat! Eat!”

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Laya Millman


  • Man, if I knew that bbq would appear every time I declared myself a non-eater, i would cry ‘wolf’ daily! I guess then it woudl stop working. But what I wouldn’t do for a good bbq right now! that’s it, ck, I”m done eating…now get the steak marinated and the coals hot.

  • Pop by any time. The barbie’s good and ready to go and there’s a big fat kosher steak at Avrumie’s with your name on it. Maybe even some retarded grilled turkey. Now here’s some meat. Do you submit?

  • Ummmn…yeah! Sounds pretty awesome. I can taste the turkey already. wait, no I can’t. Blah. Guess I better head north asap. Next weekend?

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