Hamas Orchid?Hamas has threatened to “rain down rockets” on Israel unless the IDF ceases it’s operations in Gaza aimed at thwarting rocket launching operations. Presumably, as soon as the IDF vacates Gaza, Hamas will err… continue to rain down rockets on Israel. Uh… where have I seen this logic before? I mean what’s the incentive exactly? Does Hamas think Israelis are that dumb?

I think Hamas would be better off saying something like “Dear Israel. Please cease your anti-rocket launching operations in Gaza. We’ve decided to give up on that whole rocket launching thing and take up gardening instead. All our rocket launchers have been converted into planters for orchids. So you see, you don’t need to be here. Really. We’re pretty sure your soldiers have far more important things to do, like play matkot on the beach. Love, Hamas.” The veracity of this statement would seem unreliable, but at least it wouldn’t be prima facie illogical.

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