Sassy!Martha Stewart dying? Better Homes and Jihads? No, the newest Web site for Muslim women is called Al-Khansa and it is the first “jihadist” publication aimed exclusively at women.

“The blood of our husbands and the body parts of our children are our sacrificial offering.”

Reportedly founded by the former head of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, Abd-al-Aziz al-Muqrin (offed by Saudi security forces this past June), the gayly decorated Web site offers modern Jihadi women a plethora of advice and handy household tips aimed at offering support to their radical Islamist husbands in their conflict with the authorities.

It also gives them specific advice on how to bring up their children in the path of jihad, how to provide first aid and what kind of physical training women need to prepare themselves for fighting…Some [articles] take a somewhat patronising attitude, dwelling on supposed female weaknesses that must be overcome in the cause of jihad – such as over-dependence on home comforts like TV and air conditioning.

Next issue?

  • Preparing the martyr’s body for burial: Just because he’s blown up, doesn’t mean he can’t be hot!
  • Hummus hu akbar! 72 quick and easy recipes for your post suicide bombing party
  • Junior’s in Jihad Heaven – How to turn his room into an attractive breakfast nook!

Mmmm. Sassy!

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