“Ben Gurion Airport, seaports, fuel and gas depots, all suffer from a severe lack of security…and are liable to be exploited by terrorists to carry out a serious attack”

Reports the Jerusallem Post.

Whatever. This was the best graphic I could findBrilliant. Let’s just tell them exactly where our weak spots are. Just in case they were running out of ideas. Would they like keys and blueprints as well? Does this kind of reporting bother anyone else?

“The committee completed its top-secret report on Tuesday and is to present it to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and security authorities”

Perhaps we should amend that “top secret” part.
Read the full article here.

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Laya Millman


  • This is probably teh sort of thing where they only announce it if it’s already to known by the people you would expect to be in the know. Or, maybe it’s a decoy designed to lure unsuspecting, sort of dopey terrorists. Either way, I suspect it won’t make things worse…but you can always run the story through the germatriculator to see how evil it is…(which of course, I did. I’m pleased to report a mere 19% evil. Now THAT’S vindication!)

  • Stenis, you are becoming the Gematriculator master. Does Madonna know about this?

  • No! And, frankly, I rather she didn’t. But I sure wish that Brittney or Paris would find out. Is there any way a ‘shidduch’ could get arranaged? Maybe Janice the relationship coach could help me out. Stupid philosophy degree; if I’d known all the hotties would discover obscure, jewish mysticism I would have done a jewish studies degree.

  • Yeah cuz ya know right now Jewish studies guys are being verrily inundated with hot babes throwing themselves at them. Jewish studies guys always seem to creep me out. The only people MORE qualified than Phil. majors for the position of naked house boy are male Jewish studies guys.