laya da playa
Even though it’s Tu B’av (the Jewish day of love) and I would hereby like to kindly ask everyone in Israel to stop trying to marry me off. You can’t walk five minutes in the streets of Jerusalem without being handed a flyer or asked about a shidduch. I cant even go into my bank without the teller commenting “You know, you’re a very nice girl…as it so happens, my neighbor has a very nice son” with an arched eyebrow of suspected interest. Seriously people. Yes, yes, we all want to get married and have hundreds of beautiful Jewish babies, but lets ease up on the pressure a bit.

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Laya Millman


  • Your request is so reasonable that one can’t help but agree. The pressure really should be eased up a bit. Lucky for you, my neighbour happens to have a very like minded, nice, studying to be a doctor, single son who’d love to meet you to talk about this sort of thing…

  • Poor laya! Being hounded by potential suitors wherever you go must get so tiring.
    Get over yourself please. I might suggest you start taking shidduch offers a little more seriously. Soon enough your pool of potential partners will diminish to just egomaniacs, disturbed individuals, married men looking for a good time and goys.

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