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Laya Millman


  • I’m sorry, my bad. This is my first time here. So do you guys and girls have a slant? liberal? It’s lotsa fun over here.

  • Well, I am Canadian so according to Shmuley Botteach I am a godless socialist commie pinko. Laya is a Carlebach-esque Jerusalemite (originally from the US) who enjoys spending the sabbath in West-Bank settlements, so according to Jewschool she’s a fascist baby-killer. Alli lives in LA and loves Israel so much it makes me cry but as to her specific orientation? Well, you can never really tell with those sneaky Californians. So what’s our slant? I don’t know. You tell me.

  • My parents are Canadian, from Winnipeg. I can’t match your quick sarcasm and wit. My slant is center-right, obviously.

  • Quick wit? Sir, you have obviously mistaken me for someone not under the influence of crystal meth.